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Across TundrasAcross Tundras
United States
Progressive Psychedelic Doom
All them WitchesAll Them Witches
United States
Psychedelic Bluesy Stoner
United Kingdom
Doom Psychedelic Heavy Rock
Progressive / Psychedelic / Sludge Metal
Aqua Nebula OscillatorAqua Nebula Oscillator
Garage / Psychedelic Rock
Ave MariaAve Maria
Psychedelic Black Metal
Stoner Metal, Psychedelic
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Drone / Doom Metal

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Psychedelic Warlord (Hail to Hawkwind)Psychedelic Warlord (hail To Hawkwind)
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh (2004)
Black Metal
Psychedelic WarriorsPsychedelic Warriors
Hawkwind (1995)
Threshold (1994)
Metal Progressif
Psychedelic GrindcorePsychedelic Grindcore
Afflicted (1989)
Death Metal
Psychedelic JourneyPsychedelic Journey
Evelyn (2015)
Avant-garde Metal
Psychedelic JourneyPsychedelic Journey
Evelyn (2016)
Avant-garde Metal

record label  

Ivory Antler RecordsIvory Antler Records
United States


• 01/15/11 : Ufomammut to perform "Eve" at Roadburn Fest [Ufomammut]
• 12/01/10 : The Shadow Theory to release "Behind the Black Veil" [The Shadow Theory ]
• 11/16/10 : Ancestors and Night Horse featured on Converse documentary [Ancestors, Night Horse]
• 07/15/10 : Christopher Amott releases his first solo album [Christopher Amott , Arch Enemy]


Psychedelic Warlords (disappear in Smoke) - Hall of th Moutain Grill (1974, Hawkwind)
Psychedelic Fuck - Rape Rape Rape (1999, Cut Throat)
Psychedelic Flight - Psychosis (2005, Refrain)
Psychedelic War - Doomed to Failure (2009, Existence Failed)
Psychedelic Warriors - Luck of the Corpse (1991, Deceased)
Psychedelic Warriors - 2/10/92 Washington, DC - Live With the Legions (1992, Deceased)
A Different Psychedelic Flower - Hate into Grief (2003, Hedon Cries)
Psychedelic Hurricane - Can't Get There from Here (1999, Great White)
Entranced in Decades of Psychedelic Sleep - Portals to Canaan (2013, Deeds of Flesh)
Psychedelic Journey - Psychedelic Journey (2015, Evelyn)
Psychedelic Journey - Psychedelic Journey (2016, Evelyn)
Psychedelic Evil - Aeons in Sodom (2016, Urgehal)

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