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The HunterThe Hunter
Mastodon (2011)
Sludge Metal
The HunterThe Hunter
Persuader (2000)
Heavy Metal
The Hunter...Of SoulsThe Hunter...of Souls
Switchtense (2008)
Thrash Metal
Fate of the HunterFate Of The Hunter
Stormrider (2008)
Power Metal
Long Live the HunterLong Live The Hunter
Headhunter D.C. (2007)
Death Metal


• 06/10/11 : Mastodon reveals new album title [Mastodon]


• Fri, 12/20/13 : A Gunshot Ride - (Sgt Pepper's Pub, Thetford Mines)


The Ghost Woman And The Hunter - Comalies (2002, Lacuna Coil)
Orion - The Hunter - Twilight in Olympus (1998, Symphony X)
Die Hard The Hunter - ROCK OF AGES: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION (2005, Def Leppard)
Die Hard The Hunter - BEST OF (2004, Def Leppard)
Die Hard The Hunter - PYROMANIA (1983, Def Leppard)
I. The hunter - The American Dream (2008, Walls Of Jericho)
The Hunter - Danzig (1988, Danzig)
The Hunter - The Hunter (2000, Persuader)
The Hunter - The Dark Saga (1996, Iced Earth)
The Hunter - My Own Army (2009, Exilia)
Night Of The Hunter - This Is War (2009, 30 Seconds To Mars)
The Hunter - Victory (1985, Victory)
Night of the hunter (remix) - The Director's Cut (2001, Fantômas)
Lonely Is The Hunter - Animalize (1984, Kiss)
The Hunter - Outsideinside (1968, Blue Cheer)
The Hunter - Unchain the Night (2007, Dokken)
The Hunter - The Definitive Rock Collection (2006, Dokken)
The Hunter - Alone Again and Other Hits (2003, Dokken)
The Hunter - Live from the Sun (2000, Dokken)
Death Is the Hunter - Crowned in Terror (2002, The Crown)

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