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Lazarus A.D.Lazarus A.d.
United States
Thrash/Groove Metal


• 06/28/11 : Lazarus A.D announces North American tour dates [Lazarus A.D]
• 01/24/11 : Bonded By Blood confirms co-headling Euro tour with Lazarus A.D. [Bonded By Blood]
• 01/06/11 : Lazarus A.D posts new track online [Lazarus A.D]
• 12/07/10 : Lazarus A.D. dubs new album "Black Rivers Flow" [Lazarus A.D.]
• 12/07/10 : Bonded By Blood to join Sepultura on road [Bonded By Blood]
• 09/10/10 : Bonded By Blood to support Death Angel in North America [Bonded By Blood]
• 07/29/10 : LAZARUS A.D. and Metal Blade announces video competition [Lazarus AD]
• 02/26/10 : Lazarus A.D have released a video clip for "Absolute Power" [Lazarus A.D]


• Sat, 04/02/11 : Bonded By Blood - (Jh Comma, Brugge)

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