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Power Metal Progressif
Beyond The LabyrinthBeyond The Labyrinth
Classic/Melodic Rock


Into The LabyrinthInto The Labyrinth
Saxon (2009)
Heavy Metal
Fleshgod Apocalypse (2013)
Death Metal
Labyrinths Of HorrorLabyrinths Of Horror
Exmortem (1995)
Death Metal
Labyrinth (2003)
Power Metal
Into the LabyrinthInto The Labyrinth
Dead Can Dance (1993)
The Labyrinth Of PenumbraThe Labyrinth Of Penumbra
Enter thy Labyrinth of HellEnter Thy Labyrinth Of Hell
Infinity (2005)
Black Metal
The Labyrinth of TruthsThe Labyrinth Of Truths
Soulspell (2010)
Power Metal

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• 12/14/10 : Scarlet Records finds North American distribution [Scarlet Records]
• 07/30/10 : Rhapsody Of Fire to release a symphony [Rhapsody Of Fire]
• 05/04/10 : Rhapsody Of Fire have released a video for "Sea Of Fate" [Rhapsody Of Fire]


• Sat, 04/07/12 : Power Prog & Metal Fest 2012 (PPM) - (Lotto Mons Expo, Mons)
• Tue, 03/22/11 : Sonata Arctica - (Manchester Acadey, Manchester) (live report)
• Wed, 03/16/11 : Sonata Arctica - (Elysée Montmartre, Paris)


Labyrinth - Eden (2001, Lyzanxia)
Labyrinth - Monster (2008, Oomph!)
I Am The Labyrinth - Wolf's Lair Abyss (1997, Mayhem)
Labyrinth - Pandemonium (1994, Killing Joke)
Labyrinths (Instrumental) - Edge of thorns (1993, Savatage)
Labyrinth - Life (2004, Inhumate)
Labyrinth - At War With...Inhumate (2007, Inhumate)
Labyrinthine Straight Ways - The Second Philosophy (2007, Nahemah)
The Labyrinth - The Isle of Disenchantment (2001, Psycroptic)
Labyrinths of Horror - Labyrinths Of Horror (1995, Exmortem)
Labyrinthe - Une Case en Moins (2008, Sceau de l'Ange)
Labyrinth Of Pain - Grand Destiny (2001, Sear Bliss)
Labyrinthe - L'ombre et la Lumière (2006, Manigance)
Labyrinth - The Creature (2005, Decadence)
Future World (Labyrinth) - The Keepers Of Jericho - A Tribute To Helloween (2000, Helloween)
Labyrinth of the mind - The Underworld (1991, Evildead)
Endless Labyrinth - Into the Oriental Phantasma (2003, Kadenzza)
Endless Labyrinth - The Reality in the Phantasmagoric World (2002, Kadenzza)
Senses Labyrinth - Suffering Winds (2002, Solekahn)
The Derby (AC Wild+Labyrinth) - Live in Tokyo - Bonus Track - IX (1987, Bulldozer)

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