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Into OblivionInto Oblivion
Harasai (2008)
Crushing Onward into OblivionCrushing Onward Into Oblivion
Tyrants Blood (2010)
Death Metal
Plunge into OblivionPlunge Into Oblivion
Vermin (SWE) (1994)
Swedish Death Metal
Into OblivionInto Oblivion
Entrench (2007)
Thrash Metal


• Fri, 03/28/14 : Deformatory - (The Red Dog Tavern, Peterborough)
• Wed, 11/27/13 : Demonic Christ - (Comfort Zone, Toronto)


6. Caress Into Oblivion (Jade Serpent II) - Into The Pandemonium (1987, Celtic Frost)
Fall Into Oblivion - Infatuator (2001, Silent Force)
Collapsed into Oblivion - Self Injected Reality (2008, Outcast)
Fallen Into Oblivion - Anti-Urban (2007, Drudkh)
Into Oblivion - Terminate Damnation (2005, Becoming The Archetype)
Salvation into Oblivion - Aosoth (2008, Aosoth)
Into Oblivion - The More You Suffer (2003, Carnal Forge)
Into Oblivion - Breeding Insanity (2006, Lay Down Rotten)
March Into Oblivion - Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize (2007, Vomitory)
Fallen into Oblivion - Out Of Sanity (1989, Trauma)
Sink into Oblivion - Spoilt by Greed (1991, Gory Blister)
Into Oblivion - Mörk Gryning (2005, Mörk Gryning)
... Into Oblivion - The I-Conception (2010, Harasai)
Slipping into Oblivion - Follow the White Mouse (2010, Neuronia)
Into Oblivion - As Days Grow Darker (2009, Masterstroke)
Born Into Oblivion - Purulent Decomposition (1999, Sepsism)
Into Oblivion - Aube de la Misanthropie (2001, Akitsa)
Into Oblivion - Aube de la Misanthropie (2001, Song of Melkor)
Journey into Oblivion - Circle of Death (2006, Slugathor)
Sprayed into Oblivion - Kill Division (1999, Dead Head)

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