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Black/Thrash/Power Metal


Yegor "Bewitched" Ostapenko - Narrow House [Vocals, Bass]


Bewitched - Eden (2001, Lyzanxia)
Bewitched - Nightfall (1987, Candlemass)
Bewitched by Evil - Rise of the Antichrist (2002, Bewitched)
Bewitched In Athanor's Tears - Under The Banner Of Suffering (2003, Maleficentia)
Bewitched by the Engraved - Negative Prevails (1999, Natron)
Bewitched - Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon anthem (2008, Profezia)
A World Bewitched - Black Wings (2002, Wolf)
Bewitched - 84-86 (1986, KMFDM)
Bewitched by the Shadows - Season of Suffering (2006, Crysalys)
A Bewitched Outbreak of Chemical Pestilence Quells The Subhuman Race - Apocryphal Progenitors of Mankind's Tribulation (2009, Nyogthaeblisz)
Thy Dance of the Evil Bewitched** - Eye of Deviant (2002, Mantak)


Bewitched Forest - Ibague (CO) (view stats)

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