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• 03/31/11 : Morbid Angel reveals album and single artworks [Morbid Angel]
• 02/21/11 : BTBAM voclaist Tommy Rogers announces U.S. dates [Thomas Giles]
• 02/21/11 : Between the Buried and Me sign with Metal Blade [Between the Buried and Me]
• 01/11/11 : Devin Townsend & King's X announce NAMM apperances [Devin Townsend, King's X]
• 12/14/10 : Scarlet Records finds North American distribution [Scarlet Records]
• 07/26/10 : NAILS sign with Southern Lord Records [NAILS]
• 07/23/10 : KAMELOT forms label Kamelot Media Group, tour dates [KAMELOT]

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