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Sludge Doom Metal
0 X í S T0 X í S T
Dark Doom Metal
1000 Funerals1000 Funerals
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Funeral Doom Metal
17 Days17 Days
Doom Metal
2000 A.D.2000 A.d.
Doom Metal
Gothic Doom Metal
A Distant SunA Distant Sun
Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal
Sludge/Doom Metal

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• 04/21/11 : Hour Of 13 announce US tour dates with Kylesa [Hour Of 13]
• 03/21/11 : Rainroom posts new track from "And The Other That Was A Machine" [Rainroom]
• 03/02/11 : Hour of 13 to make first appearance with new singer [Hour of 13]
• 02/25/11 : Woods Of Ypres to tour North America [Woods Of Ypres]
• 02/24/11 : Sludge slingers Sourvein announce U.S. tour [Sourvein]
• 02/24/11 : Blood Ceremony to release "Living with the Ancients" [Blood Ceremony]
• 02/16/11 : Pentagram releases "Last Rites" cover art, track listing [Pentagram]
• 02/10/11 : Cathedral to disband [Cathedral]
• 01/07/11 : Electric Wizard posts new track online [Electric Wizard]
• 12/22/10 : Metal Blade signs Pentagram [Pentagram]
• 12/01/10 : Electric Wizard to release "Black Masses" in January [Electric Wizard]
• 10/22/10 : Place of Skulls signs with Giddy UP! Records [Place of Skulls]
• 10/19/10 : Woods of Ypres sign with Earache Records [Woods of Ypres]
• 09/28/10 : Whitered post new song online [Whitered]
• 06/04/10 : Horn Of The Rhino reveal the artwork for "Weight Of Coronation" [Horn Of The Rhino]
• 04/02/10 : A new video interview with Swallow The Sun posted online [Swallow The Sun]
• 03/13/10 : Battlefields to tour US [Battlefields]

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