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Doom Mélodique
Black Death Metal


The Scourge of the LightThe Scourge Of The Light
Jag Panzer (2011)
Rank : 9 / 10
Heavy Metal


Discouraged OnesDiscouraged Ones
Katatonia (1998)
Rock Metal
The Laws of ScourgeThe Laws Of Scourge
Sarcófago (1991)
Black Metal
Xentrix (1996)
Thrash Metal
Scourge Of MaliceScourge Of Malice
Graveworm (2001)
Black-metal Symphonique
Chronicles of the ScourgeChronicles Of The Scourge
Pestilence (2006)
Death Metal
The Scourge of the LightThe Scourge Of The Light
Jag Panzer (2011)
Heavy Metal
Planet Earth ScourgedPlanet Earth Scourged
Dark Remains (2006)
Death Metal
Transcendence Through Ethereal ScourgeTranscendence Through Ethereal Scourge
Melektaus (2004)
Death Metal

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Laurent Descours - Heavylution [Drums]
Onbra Oscoura - Xaon [Guitar]
Scourge - Zeta Reticuli [Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard]

record label  


• Fri, 10/16/15 : Blood Ages - (Saint des seins, Toulouse)
• Fri, 05/08/15 : Walk In Emberlands - (Les Runes, Bordeaux)
• Fri, 02/21/14 : Verses - (Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Fredericton)


Scourging the Crowned King - Malevolent Rapture (2006, Legion Of The Damned)
I am the scourge of God - Consecration of the Horned God (2004, Finis Gloria Dei)
The Laws of Scourge - The Laws of Scourge (1991, Sarcófago)
Scourge - Scourge (1996, Xentrix)
Creation's Scourge - Apocalyptic Revelation (1998, Krisiun)
Eyes of Eternal Scourge - Ageless Venomous (2001, Krisiun)
Scourged Centuries - Works of Carnage (2003, Krisiun)
Scourge of Wormkind - Satanik Annihilation Kommando (2005, Darkest Hate Warfront)
Hymns To The Scourge of Heaven - Homecoming's March (1999, Averse Sefira)
The Scourger - For The glory Of Nothing (1998, Tarot)
The Scourge Of God - The Apocalypse Manifesto (1999, Enthroned)
The Scouring - Over the Binding of the Waves (2008, Wodensthrone)
The Scourging - The Storm Before the Calm (2007, Dekapitator)
16. Trauma and Scourge - Marasmus (2007, Leng Tch'e)
Unrelenting Scourge of War - Angelgrinder (2002, Lord Belial)
Mocked, Scourged and Spit Upon - Profanatitas De Domonatia (2007, Profanatica)
Scourging and Crowning - Profanatitas De Domonatia (2007, Profanatica)
Scourging and Crowning - The Enemy of Virtue (2006, Profanatica)
Scourge of the Land - Storm Sword: Rise of the Dread Queen (2009, Conquest Of Steel)
The Scourge of the Fourth Celestial Host - The Power Cosmic (1999, Bal-Sagoth)

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The Scourge - (FR) (view stats)
dascourge666 - La Mailleraye sur Seine (FR) (view stats)

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