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added by Prométhée, on July 5, 2008

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Release date : May 15, 1995
Genre : Death Metal Progressif
Record : Candlelight Records

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Playlist :
1. In mist she was standing (14:06)In mist she was standing lyrics
2. Under the weeping moon (09:50)Under the weeping moon lyrics
3. Silhouette (03:05)epic !epic !listenSilhouette lyrics
4. Forest of october (13:02)epic !epic !Forest of october lyrics
5. The twilight is my robe (10:59)listen firstThe twilight is my robe lyrics
6. Requiem (01:08)epic !epic !Requiem lyrics
7. The apostle in triumph (13:01)epic !epic !The apostle in triumph lyrics
8. Into the frost of winter (08:40)listen firstInto the frost of winter lyrics
Total length of the album : 73:51
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