A Vision Of A Dying Embrace Dvd
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added by Prométhée, on March 25, 2010

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Release date : March 2002
Genre : Doom Metal
Record : Peaceville Records

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Playlist :
1. Sweet Tears* (04:22)Sweet Tears* lyrics
2. Mine is Yours* (04:32)Mine is Yours* lyrics
3. The Silent Enigma* (04:22)The Silent Enigma* lyrics
4. Hope* (04:38)Hope* lyrics
5. Intro (live) (01:17)Intro (live) lyrics
6. Restless Oblivion (live) (07:47)Restless Oblivion (live) lyrics
7. Shroud of Frost (live) (07:15)Shroud of Frost (live) lyrics
8. We The Gods (live) (06:12)We The Gods (live) lyrics
9. Sunset of Age (live) (06:44)Sunset of Age (live) lyrics
10. Mine is Yours (live) (05:04)Mine is Yours (live) lyrics
11. Sleepless (live) (04:02)Sleepless (live) lyrics
12. The Silent Enigma (live) (04:02)The Silent Enigma (live) lyrics
13. A Dying Wish (live) (10:28)A Dying Wish (live) lyrics
Total length of the album : 70:45
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