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added by Prométhée, on March 25, 2010

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Release date : September 24, 2001
Genre : Doom Metal
Record : Peaceville Records
Compilation/Best of

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Playlist :
1. Scars of the Old Stream (01:10)Scars of the Old Stream lyrics
2. Everwake (02:40)Everwake lyrics
3. J'ai Fait Une Promesse (02:40)J'ai Fait Une Promesse lyrics
4. ...Alone (04:29)...Alone lyrics
5. Far Away (acoustic) (05:22)Far Away (acoustic) lyrics
6. Eternity Part II (03:12)Eternity Part II lyrics
7. Eternity Part III (acoustic) (05:08)Eternity Part III (acoustic) lyrics
8. Better Off Dead (Bad Religion cover) (04:22)Better Off Dead (Bad Religion cover) lyrics
9. One of the Few (Pink Floyd cover) (01:50)One of the Few (Pink Floyd cover) lyrics
10. Inner Silence (03:09)Inner Silence lyrics
11. Goodbye Cruel World (Pink Floyd cover) (01:42)Goodbye Cruel World (Pink Floyd cover) lyrics
12. Destiny (02:14)Destiny lyrics
13. The Silent Enigma (orchestral) (04:14)The Silent Enigma (orchestral) lyrics
14. Angelica (live Budapest 1997) (06:58)Angelica (live Budapest 1997) lyrics
15. Horses (01:11)Horses lyrics
Total length of the album : 50:21
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