I Hear Black
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added by Troll1969, on June 2, 2008

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Release date : March 9, 1993
Genre : Thrash
Record : Atlantic Records

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Playlist :
1. Dreaming in Columbian (04:00)Dreaming in Columbian lyrics
2. I hear black (05:38)I hear black lyrics
3. World of hurt (05:19)World of hurt lyrics
4. Feed my head (05:37)Feed my head lyrics
5. Shades of grey (05:19)Shades of grey lyrics
6. Spiritual void (05:14)Spiritual void lyrics
7. Ghost dance (01:46)Ghost dance lyrics
8. Weight of the world (04:07)Weight of the world lyrics
9. Ignorance & innocence (05:00)Ignorance & innocence lyrics
10. Undying (05:26)Undying lyrics
11. Just like you (04:13)Just like you lyrics
Total length of the album : 51:39
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