Above The Weeping World
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added by reglysse, on June 2, 2008

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Release date : 2006
Genre : Death Metal Melodique

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Playlist :
1. The Gale (2:41)listen firstlistenThe Gale lyrics
2. Mortal Share (4:00)epic !epic !listenMortal Share lyrics
3. Drawn to Black (6:00)epic !epic !listenDrawn to Black lyrics
4. Change of Heart (4:31)listen firstlistenChange of Heart lyrics
5. At the Gates of Sleep (7:05)listen firstlistenAt the Gates of Sleep lyrics
6. The Killjoy (5:23)epic !epic !listenThe Killjoy lyrics
7. Last Statement (7:32)listen firstLast Statement lyrics
8. Devoid of Caring (5:40)listen firstlistenDevoid of Caring lyrics
9. In the Groves of Death (10:08)listen firstlistenIn the Groves of Death lyrics
Total length of the album : 53:00
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