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added by Heavyrege, on February 2, 2010

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Release date : November 7, 2000
Genre : Death Metal

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Playlist :
1. Brujerizmo (03:50)Brujerizmo lyrics
2. Vayan Sin Miedo (02:16)Vayan Sin Miedo lyrics
3. La Traicion (01:57)La Traicion lyrics
4. Pititis, Te Invoco (02:23)Pititis, Te Invoco lyrics
5. Laboratorio Cristalitos (01:31)Laboratorio Cristalitos lyrics
6. Division Del Norte (03:51)Division Del Norte lyrics
7. Marcha De Odio (02:48)Marcha De Odio lyrics
8. Anti-Castro (02:33)Anti-Castro lyrics
9. Cuiden A Los Ninos (03:30)Cuiden A Los Ninos lyrics
10. El Bajon (01:59)El Bajon lyrics
11. Mecosario (02:45)Mecosario lyrics
12. El Desmadre (01:41)listenEl Desmadre lyrics
13. Sida De La Mente (04:35)Sida De La Mente lyrics
Total length of the album : 35:39
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