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added by Carrion, on December 22, 2009

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Release date : 2000
Genre : Death Metal

Playlist :
1. Mauled (03:28)Mauled lyrics
2. Joined At The Ass (01:21)Joined At The Ass lyrics
3. Open Human Head Experiments With Bleach Laquer and Epoxy (01:07)Open Human Head Experiments With Bleach Laquer and Epoxy lyrics
4. Diarrhea Of The Mouth (00:41)Diarrhea Of The Mouth lyrics
5. Headcheese (01:00)Headcheese lyrics
6. Colostomy Jigsaw Puzzle (00:35)Colostomy Jigsaw Puzzle lyrics
7. Pepe's Trepes (00:49)Pepe's Trepes lyrics
8. Release The Gimp (00:54)Release The Gimp lyrics
9. The Roadside Dead (Detrunked Stumpification Through Roadrash) (00:57)The Roadside Dead (Detrunked Stumpification Through Roadrash) lyrics
10. Carnal Fecophelia Due To Prolonged Exposure To Methane (02:11)Carnal Fecophelia Due To Prolonged Exposure To Methane lyrics
11. Icepick Gag Reflex (00:54)Icepick Gag Reflex lyrics
12. Bathing In A Grease Disposal Unit (00:33)Bathing In A Grease Disposal Unit lyrics
13. Molested / Digested (02:46)Molested / Digested lyrics
14. Wine Of The Sanguine (00:37)Wine Of The Sanguine lyrics
15. Ride 'em Cowboy (00:53)Ride 'em Cowboy lyrics
16. Human Jerky And The Active Cultures (02:54)Human Jerky And The Active Cultures lyrics
Total length of the album : 21:40
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