Rise Of The Tyrant
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added by NanoRoux, on July 10, 2007

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Release date : September 24, 2007
Genre : Melodic Death Metal
Record : Century Media Records

Playlist :
1. Blood on Your Hands (4:41)listen firstlistenlistenBlood on Your Hands lyrics
2. The Last Enemy (4:15)listenThe Last Enemy lyrics
3. I Will Live Again (3:32)listenlistenI Will Live Again lyrics
4. In This Shallow Grave (4:54)In This Shallow Grave lyrics
5. Revolution Begins (4:11)listenlistenRevolution Begins lyrics
6. Rise of the Tyrant (4:33)listen firstlistenRise of the Tyrant lyrics
7. The Day You Died (4:52)The Day You Died lyrics
8. Intermezzo Liberté (2:51)listen firstIntermezzo Liberté lyrics
9. Night Falls Fast (3:18)Night Falls Fast lyrics
10. The Great Darkness (4:46)The Great Darkness lyrics
11. Vultures (6:35)listen firstlistenVultures lyrics
12. The Oath (Kiss Cover) (Japan Bonus Track) (4:16)The Oath (Kiss Cover) (Japan Bonus Track) lyrics
Total length of the album : 52:44
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