All Shall Fall
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added by Solo Necrozis, on August 2, 2009

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Release date : October 6, 2009
Genre : Black Metal
Record : Nuclear Blast

Playlist :
1. All shall fall (05:58)All shall fall lyrics
2. The rise Of darkness (05:58)The rise Of darkness lyrics
3. Hordes of war (04:31)Hordes of war lyrics
4. Norden on fire (06:15)Norden on fire lyrics
5. Arctic swarm (04:03)Arctic swarm lyrics
6. Mount north (05:07)Mount north lyrics
7. Unearthly kingdom (08:30)Unearthly kingdom lyrics
Total length of the album : 40:22
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All Shall Fall reviews

9/109/109/109/109/10 - Drekavac666 : Probably the best produced album Immortal has released.
After hearing that this album was being released I was fairly exited to get to hear it when it came out, I was very pleased with what I heard. While it was as grim and frostbitten...
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