A Sense Of Purpose
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added by Iceman39, on March 23, 2008

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Release date : April 4, 2008
Genre : Death Metal Mélodique
Record : Nuclear Blast

Playlist :
1. The Mirror's Truth (3:00)The Mirror's Truth lyrics
2. Disconnected (3:32)Disconnected lyrics
3. Sleepless Again (4:08)Sleepless Again lyrics
4. Alias (4:49)Alias lyrics
5. I'm the Highway (3:41)I'm the Highway lyrics
6. Delight and Angers (3:37)Delight and Angers lyrics
7. Move Through Me (3:05)Move Through Me lyrics
8. The Chosen Pessimist (8:13)listenThe Chosen Pessimist lyrics
9. Sober and Irrelevant (3:21)Sober and Irrelevant lyrics
10. Condemned (3:33)Condemned lyrics
11. Drenched in Fear (3:29)Drenched in Fear lyrics
12. March to the Shore (3:26)March to the Shore lyrics
13. Eraser (Japanese Bonus Track) (3:18)Eraser (Japanese Bonus Track) lyrics
14. Tilt (Japanese Bonus Track) (3:45)Tilt (Japanese Bonus Track) lyrics
15. Abnegation (Japanese Bonus Track) (3:43)listenAbnegation (Japanese Bonus Track) lyrics
Total length of the album : 58:40
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