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added by MAIDEN26, on October 12, 2013
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Release date : April 2010
Genre : Hard Rock
Record : Roadrunner Records

Playlist :
1. Ghost (03:35)Ghost lyrics
2. Crucify the Dead (04:04)Crucify the Dead lyrics
3. Beautiful Dangerous (04:38)Beautiful Dangerous lyrics
4. Back from Cali (04:40)Back from Cali lyrics
5. Promise (04:52)Promise lyrics
6. By the Sword (05:02)By the Sword lyrics
7. Gotten (03:09)Gotten lyrics
8. Doctor Alibi (03:52)Doctor Alibi lyrics
9. Watch This Dave (04:16)Watch This Dave lyrics
10. I Hold on (05:24)I Hold on lyrics
11. Nothing to Say (05:25)Nothing to Say lyrics
12. Starlight (03:27)Starlight lyrics
13. Saint Is a Sinner Too (04:32)Saint Is a Sinner Too lyrics
14. We're All Gonna DieWe're All Gonna Die lyrics
Total length of the album : 56:56
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