Stratovarius Nemesis
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added by MAIDEN26, on August 23, 2013
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Release date : February 22, 2013
Genre : Power Metal
Record : E-a-r Music

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Playlist :
1. Abandon (04:51)Abandon lyrics
2. Unbreakable (04:37)Unbreakable lyrics
3. Stand My Ground (04:14)Stand My Ground lyrics
4. Halcyon Days (05:29)Halcyon Days lyrics
5. Fantasy (04:19)Fantasy lyrics
6. Out of the Fog (06:58)Out of the Fog lyrics
7. Castles in the Air (06:02)Castles in the Air lyrics
8. Dragons (04:04)Dragons lyrics
9. One Must Fall (04:27)One Must Fall lyrics
10. Fireborn (Bonustrack) (04:45)Fireborn (Bonustrack) lyrics
11. Hunter (Bonustrack) (03:27)Hunter (Bonustrack) lyrics
12. If the Story Is Over (06:06)If the Story Is Over lyrics
13. Nemesis (06:33)Nemesis lyrics
14. Total playing time (1:05:52)Total playing time lyrics
Total length of the album : 66:57
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