Worlds Collide
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added by NanoRoux, on May 23, 2007

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Release date : April 15, 2008
Genre : Metal Symphonique/classique

Playlist :
1. Worlds Collide (4:28)Worlds Collide lyrics
2. Grace [feat- Tomoyasu Hotei] (4:09)Grace [feat- Tomoyasu Hotei] lyrics
3. I'm Not Jesus [feat- Corey Taylor] (3:34)listenI'm Not Jesus [feat- Corey Taylor] lyrics
4. Ion (3:46)Ion lyrics
5. Helden [feat- Till Lindemann] (4:18)listenHelden [feat- Till Lindemann] lyrics
6. Stroke (4:32)Stroke lyrics
7. Last Hope [feat- Dave Lombardo] (4:47)Last Hope [feat- Dave Lombardo] lyrics
8. I Don't Care [feat- Adam Gontier] (3:57)listenI Don't Care [feat- Adam Gontier] lyrics
9. Burn (4:16)Burn lyrics
10. S-O-S (Anything But Love) [feat- Cristina Scabbia] (4:19)listenS-O-S (Anything But Love) [feat- Cristina Scabbia] lyrics
11. Peace (5:49)Peace lyrics
12. Ural (5:41)Ural lyrics
13. Dreamer (3:36)Dreamer lyrics
Total length of the album : 57:12
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