No Rest For The Wicked
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added by Elric des Dragons, on June 1, 2009

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Release date : August 22, 1988
Genre : Heavy Metal

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Playlist :
1. Miracle Man (3:44)listen firstMiracle Man lyrics
2. Devil's Daughter (Holy War) (5:14)Devil's Daughter (Holy War) lyrics
3. Crazy Babies (4:14)Crazy Babies lyrics
4. Breaking All The Rules (5:14)Breaking All The Rules lyrics
5. Bloodbath In Paradise (5:02)Bloodbath In Paradise lyrics
6. Fire In The Sky (6:24)listen firstFire In The Sky lyrics
7. Tatooed Dancer (3:53)listen firstTatooed Dancer lyrics
8. Demon Alcohol (4:30)listen firstDemon Alcohol lyrics
9. Hero (4:48)Hero lyrics
Total length of the album : 43:03
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