Versus The World
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added by Disangel, on May 16, 2009

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Release date : November 18, 2002
Genre : Death Metal Mélodique

Playlist :
1. Death in Fire (04:54)listenDeath in Fire lyrics
2. For the Stabwounds in Our Backs (04:56)For the Stabwounds in Our Backs lyrics
3. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard (05:46)Where Silent Gods Stand Guard lyrics
4. Versus the World (05:22)Versus the World lyrics
5. Across the Rainbow Bridge (04:51)Across the Rainbow Bridge lyrics
6. Down the Slopes of Death (04:08)Down the Slopes of Death lyrics
7. Thousand Years of Oppression (05:42)Thousand Years of Oppression lyrics
8. Bloodshed (05:13)Bloodshed lyrics
9. ...and Soon the World Will Cease to Be (06:57)...and Soon the World Will Cease to Be lyrics
Total length of the album : 47:49
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