Tyrants Of The Rising Sun
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added by Bodom, on April 23, 2009

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Release date : November 24, 2008
Genre : Melodic Death Metal
Record : Century Media Records

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Playlist :
1. Intro / Blood On Your Hands (05:37)Intro / Blood On Your Hands lyrics
2. Ravenous (03:55)Ravenous lyrics
3. Taking Back My Soul (05:16)Taking Back My Soul lyrics
4. Dead Eyes See No Future (04:22)listenDead Eyes See No Future lyrics
5. Dark Insanity (03:59)Dark Insanity lyrics
6. The Day You Died (04:55)The Day You Died lyrics
7. Christopher Solo (02:32)Christopher Solo lyrics
8. Silverwing (05:26)Silverwing lyrics
9. Night Falls Fast (03:37)Night Falls Fast lyrics
10. Daniel Solo (03:30)Daniel Solo lyrics
11. Burning Angel (04:40)Burning Angel lyrics
12. Michael Amott Solo (Intermezzo Liberté) (03:24)Michael Amott Solo (Intermezzo Liberté) lyrics
13. Dead Bury Their Dead (04:57)Dead Bury Their Dead lyrics
14. Vultures (06:51)Vultures lyrics
15. Enemy Within (04:29)Enemy Within lyrics
16. Snowbound (02:14)Snowbound lyrics
17. Shadows And Dust (05:12)Shadows And Dust lyrics
18. Nemesis (05:04)Nemesis lyrics
19. We Will Rise (04:33)We Will Rise lyrics
20. Fields Of Desolation / Outro (03:14)Fields Of Desolation / Outro lyrics
21. Bonus : (--:--)Bonus : lyrics
22. The Road To Japan (documentaire) (45:00)The Road To Japan (documentaire) lyrics
23. Revolution Begins (original) (clip) (04:24)Revolution Begins (original) (clip) lyrics
24. Revolution Begins (band perf) (clip) (04:14)Revolution Begins (band perf) (clip) lyrics
25. I Will Live Again (clip) (03:34)I Will Live Again (clip) lyrics
Total length of the album : 144:59
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