The Heart Of Everything
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added by NanoRoux, on May 4, 2007

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Release date : May 12, 2007
Genre : Sympho, Pop

Playlist :
1. The Howling (5.33)listen firstlistenlistenThe Howling lyrics
2. What Have You Done (5.13)listen firstlistenlistenWhat Have You Done lyrics
3. Frozen (4.28)listenFrozen lyrics
4. Our Solemn Hour (4.17)listenlistenOur Solemn Hour lyrics
5. The Heart of Everything (5.35)listen firstThe Heart of Everything lyrics
6. Hand of Sorrow (5.36)listen firstlistenHand of Sorrow lyrics
7. The Cross (4.51)The Cross lyrics
8. Final Destination (4.43)Final Destination lyrics
9. All I Need (4.51)listenAll I Need lyrics
10. The Truth Beneath the Rose (7.05)The Truth Beneath the Rose lyrics
11. Forgiven (4.54)listenForgiven lyrics
Total length of the album : 51:00
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