Evisceration Plague
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added by Iceman39, on March 21, 2009

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Release date : February 2, 2009
Genre : Death Metal
Record : Metal Blade Records

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Playlist :
1. Priests of sodom (03:31)listen firstPriests of sodom lyrics
2. Scalding hail (01:46)Scalding hail lyrics
3. To decompose (03:03)To decompose lyrics
4. A cauldron of hate (04:59)listen firstA cauldron of hate lyrics
5. Beheading and burning (02:16)Beheading and burning lyrics
6. Evidence in the furnace (02:48)Evidence in the furnace lyrics
7. Carnivorous swarm (03:36)listen firstCarnivorous swarm lyrics
8. Evisceration plague (04:30)listen firstEvisceration plague lyrics
9. Shatter their bones (03:35)Shatter their bones lyrics
10. Carrion sculpted entity (02:33)Carrion sculpted entity lyrics
11. Unnatural (02:22)Unnatural lyrics
12. Skewered from ear to eye (03:49)Skewered from ear to eye lyrics
Total length of the album : 38:48
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