Take A Look In The Mirror
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added by NanoRoux, on January 15, 2008

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Release date : November 21, 2003
Genre : Neo Metal

Playlist :
1. Right Now (3:10)listen firstlistenRight Now lyrics
2. Break Some Off (2:35)listenBreak Some Off lyrics
3. Counting on Me (4:49)listenCounting on Me lyrics
4. Here It Comes Again (3:33)Here It Comes Again lyrics
5. Deep Inside (2:46)listenDeep Inside lyrics
6. Did My Time (4:04)listen firstlistenDid My Time lyrics
7. Everything I've Known (3:34)listenEverything I've Known lyrics
8. Play Me (featuring NaS) (3:21)listen firstPlay Me (featuring NaS) lyrics
9. Alive (4:30)listen firstlistenAlive lyrics
10. Let's Do This Now (3:18)Let's Do This Now lyrics
11. I'm Done (3:23)I'm Done lyrics
12. Y'All Want a Single (3:17)listen firstlistenlistenY'All Want a Single lyrics
13. When Will This End (14:24)When Will This End lyrics
Total length of the album : 56:44
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