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added by NanoRoux, on January 15, 2008

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Release date : June 11, 2002
Genre : Neo Metal

Playlist :
1. Here to Stay (4:32)epic !epic !listenlistenHere to Stay lyrics
2. Make Believe (4:37)Make Believe lyrics
3. Blame (3:51)listenBlame lyrics
4. Hollow Life (4:09)listen firstlistenHollow Life lyrics
5. Bottled Up Inside (4:00)listenBottled Up Inside lyrics
6. Thoughtless (4:33)listen firstlistenThoughtless lyrics
7. Hating (5:10)epic !epic !Hating lyrics
8. One More Time (4:40)listenOne More Time lyrics
9. Alone I Break (4:17)listen firstlistenlistenAlone I Break lyrics
10. Embrace (4:27)listenEmbrace lyrics
11. Beat It Upright (4:15)Beat It Upright lyrics
12. Wake Up Hate (3:13)Wake Up Hate lyrics
13. I'm Hiding (3:57)I'm Hiding lyrics
14. No One's There (5:06)No One's There lyrics
15. Here to Stay (T Ray's Mix, elimited edition) (4:18)Here to Stay (T Ray's Mix, elimited edition) lyrics
Total length of the album : 65:05
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