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added by NanoRoux, on January 15, 2008

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Release date : November 16, 1999
Genre : Neo Metal

Playlist :
1. Dead (1:12)listenDead lyrics
2. Falling Away from Me (4:30)epic !epic !listenlistenFalling Away from Me lyrics
3. Trash (3:27)listenTrash lyrics
4. 4 U (1:42)listen4 U lyrics
5. Beg for Me (3:53)listen firstBeg for Me lyrics
6. Make Me Bad (3:55)epic !epic !listenMake Me Bad lyrics
7. It's Gonna Go Away (1:30)It's Gonna Go Away lyrics
8. Wake Up (4:07)Wake Up lyrics
9. Am I Going Crazy (0:59)Am I Going Crazy lyrics
10. Hey Daddy (3:44)Hey Daddy lyrics
11. Somebody Someone (3:47)listen firstlistenSomebody Someone lyrics
12. No Way (4:08)No Way lyrics
13. Let's Get This Party Started (3:41)listen firstLet's Get This Party Started lyrics
14. Wish You Could Be Me (1:07)Wish You Could Be Me lyrics
15. Counting (3:37)Counting lyrics
16. Dirty (7:50)listenDirty lyrics
Total length of the album : 53:09
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