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added by NanoRoux, on January 15, 2008

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Release date : August 18, 1998
Genre : Neo Metal

Playlist :
1. It's On! (4:28)listenIt's On! lyrics
2. Freak on a Leash (4:15)epic !epic !listenlistenFreak on a Leash lyrics
3. Got the Life (3:45)epic !epic !listenGot the Life lyrics
4. Dead Bodies Everywhere (4:45)listen firstlistenlistenDead Bodies Everywhere lyrics
5. Children of the Korn ft. Ice Cube (3:52)Children of the Korn ft. Ice Cube lyrics
6. B.B.K. (3:56)B.B.K. lyrics
7. Pretty (4:12)listen firstPretty lyrics
8. All in the Family ft. Fred Durst (4:49)All in the Family ft. Fred Durst lyrics
9. Reclaim My Place (4:33)listen firstlistenReclaim My Place lyrics
10. Justin (4:17)listenJustin lyrics
11. Seed (5:55)listenSeed lyrics
12. Cameltosis (ft. Tre Hardson) (4:38)Cameltosis (ft. Tre Hardson) lyrics
13. My Gift to You (15:41)My Gift to You lyrics
Total length of the album : 69:06
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