Be Gone
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added by Drikss, on February 5, 2012

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Release date : April 24, 2008
Genre : Power Metal
Record : Cruz Del Sur Music

Playlist :
1. Speak to Me (04:42)Speak to Me lyrics
2. Dark New Life (05:10)Dark New Life lyrics
3. No Remains (04:40)No Remains lyrics
4. Red Honor (05:24)Red Honor lyrics
5. Buried at Sea (07:03)Buried at Sea lyrics
6. Rats and Rope (04:39)Rats and Rope lyrics
7. Cover Your Eyes and Pray (05:08)Cover Your Eyes and Pray lyrics
8. Telepath (04:37)listenTelepath lyrics
9. Be Gone (05:37)Be Gone lyrics
Total length of the album : 47:00
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