Black Rain
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added by Elric des Dragons, on September 20, 2008

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Release date : May 22, 2007
Genre : Heavy Metal

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Playlist :
1. Not Going Away (4:32)Not Going Away lyrics
2. I Don't Wanna Stop (3:59)listenI Don't Wanna Stop lyrics
3. Black Rain (4:42)listen firstlistenBlack Rain lyrics
4. Lay Your World On Me (4:16)Lay Your World On Me lyrics
5. The Almighty Dollar (6:57)listen firstlistenThe Almighty Dollar lyrics
6. 11 Silver (3:42)epic !epic !listen11 Silver lyrics
7. Civilize The World (4:43)listen firstCivilize The World lyrics
8. Here For You (4:37)Here For You lyrics
9. Countdown's Begun (4:53)listen firstCountdown's Begun lyrics
10. Trap Door (4:03)listen firstTrap Door lyrics
Total length of the album : 46:24
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