New Tattoo
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added by Elvira, on August 7, 2008

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Release date : July 11, 2000
Genre : Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Playlist :
1. Hell on High Heels (04:15)Hell on High Heels lyrics
2. Treat Me Like the Dog that I Am (03:40)Treat Me Like the Dog that I Am lyrics
3. New Tattoo (04:16)New Tattoo lyrics
4. Dragstrip Superstar (04:22)Dragstrip Superstar lyrics
5. 1st Band on the Moon (04:25)1st Band on the Moon lyrics
6. She Needs Rock and Roll (04:00)She Needs Rock and Roll lyrics
7. Punched in the Teeth by Love (03:32)Punched in the Teeth by Love lyrics
8. Hollywood Ending (03:43)Hollywood Ending lyrics
9. Fake (03:44)Fake lyrics
10. Porno Star (03:45)Porno Star lyrics
11. White Punks on Dope (Tubes Cover) (03:39)White Punks on Dope (Tubes Cover) lyrics
Total length of the album : 43:21
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