Altars Of Madness
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added by Elvira, on August 7, 2008

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Release date : May 12, 1989
Genre : Death Metal
Record : Earache Records

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Playlist :
1. Immortal Rites (04:04)epic !epic !listenImmortal Rites lyrics
2. Suffocation (03:15)listen firstSuffocation lyrics
3. Visions from the Dark Side (04:10)Visions from the Dark Side lyrics
4. Maze of Torment (04:25)epic !epic !Maze of Torment lyrics
5. Chapel of Ghouls (04:58)epic !epic !listenChapel of Ghouls lyrics
6. Bleed for the Devil (02:23)listen firstBleed for the Devil lyrics
7. Damnation (04:10)Damnation lyrics
8. Blasphemy (03:32)listen firstBlasphemy lyrics
9. Evil Spells (04:12)Evil Spells lyrics
Total length of the album : 35:09
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