The Cleansing
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added by dark_omens, on October 6, 2010

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Release date : September 18, 2007
Genre : Deathcore
Record : Century Media Records

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Playlist :
1. Revelations (intro) (00:23)Revelations (intro) lyrics
2. Unanswered (02:15)listen firstUnanswered lyrics
3. Hands of a Killer (04:14)Hands of a Killer lyrics
4. The Price of Beauty (02:45)The Price of Beauty lyrics
5. The Fallen (04:07)The Fallen lyrics
6. No Pity for a Coward (03:11)listen firstNo Pity for a Coward lyrics
7. The Disease (04:22)The Disease lyrics
8. Bludgeoned to Death (02:34)listen firstBludgeoned to Death lyrics
9. Girl of Glass (02:52)Girl of Glass lyrics
10. In a Photograph (04:32)In a Photograph lyrics
11. Eyes Sewn Shut (02:58)listen firstEyes Sewn Shut lyrics
12. Green Monster (05:49)Green Monster lyrics
13. Destruction of a Statue (03:44)listen firstDestruction of a Statue lyrics
Total length of the album : 43:46
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