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47 yo
Vancouver, Canada

registered on October 20, 2010

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My style : rediculous. My passion is Music, all genres and all

Musician : Vocals

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Anvil - Annihilator - Arch Enemy - Bad Religion - Bathory - Behemoth - Belial - Biohazard - Black Label Society - Black Sabbath - Blue Öyster Cult - Candlemass - Cannibal Corpse - Carcass - Cathedral - Cavalera Conspiracy - Corrosion Of Conformity - Cradle Of Filth - D.R.I. - Danzig ...
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Occupation : Freelance video journalist

My passions : Music, Sun, Life, Music, Blacklights, stuff that glows, photography, Cats (Calicos), Dogs (Siberian Huskys), Fish, travel, water

Favorite video games : NIL

Favorite movies : Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, Stuart Gordon, Clive Barker.. I dont want to pigeon hole myself into what movies I like or disli

Favorite artists : Giger, Pushead, Dali,

Favorite writers : The Fabric of the Cosmos - Briane Green / Holy Blood and the Holy Grail - Michael Baigent, Righcard Leigh &; Henry Lin

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Dmonix> Happy St. Alvis Day!

Sat, Dec 25, 10- 03:03 (0)
Dmonix> Still missing Egypt, I just scratched the surface of what one can see, i'd like to go back with another tour, on the same tour I took though, so I could just go and wander around while the guide says his speal. There's just so much more i want to see...

Still missing Egypt, I just scratched the surface of what one can see, i'd like to go back with another tour, on the same tour I took though, so I could just go and wander around while the guide says...

Wed, Dec 22, 10- 03:07 (0)
Dmonix> Hey metalpeeps. My Christmas is fast evaporating into a dismal void of blackness. No one around to help me decorate, no one to spend Christmas, so why bother?

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Nov-29,10Gwar, casualties ...Commodre BallroomVancouver (Canada)

Who am I? I'm 38 and I live on the most beautiful coast of Canada in a Province called British Columbia. My City hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics as well as a World Expo in 1986. Vancouver is a virtual melting pot of all ethnicity's, faiths and creeds.
The "Metal" scene in Vancouver and it's surrounding suburbs is not as large as the Metal scene in Quebec or Ontario, but we still do get our fair share of both more popular and less popular or known Metal acts come to play here.
My life changed for the better when I was 14 and I discovered Heavy Metal. I grew up on the staples, Iron Maiden, Def Leopard, KISS, but soon felt the need for "heavier" music. Soon I was listening to Metallica, Megadeath, SLAYER, Venom, Celtic Frost. But soon, they were no longer "Heavy" enough. I was lucky, in my neighborhood that the singer of a Thrash/Punk Rock group lived close by, he took me under his "wing" and while most of my Metal peers were listening to Poison, Gun 'N' Roses and the like, I was listening to The Accused, Minor Thread, D.R.I. Crumbsuckers and tons of other Metal/Cross-over bands.
I myself started my first band when I was 15 and it was quite popular in my hometown and we got to play a few shows. After a break from bands for a few years, I joined a Rock band called 'DreamKick', they played a lot of bar rock and standards like "Born to be Wild" and "Rock & Roll All Night Long", but they were interested in originals and that's what my main attraction to this band was. Having a great time playing bars and getting to play our originals worked out well.
My next music project also won a Battle of the Bands (which the other band DreamKick had won a few years earlier). Sadly, although we could have toured into Ontario and Quebec the other members of this band (The Wasteland Zombies") did not want to "lose their day jobs" so I left music and my Hometown on the East Coast of Canada.

If you'd like to see Photo's and hear some Mp3's from my old bands, I have a MySpace page dedicated to those days:

I moved to British Columbia in 1994. I began work in Special FX Make up with my best friend and we both landed jobs working on the X-Files and Millennium as well as some other Sci-fi shows on television during the mid 1990's
These days, I no long perform music nor work in the film industry, I have Psoriatic Arthritis and this leaves me unable to work as I am in chronic pain and inflammation. I have found a new passion in digital photography and lately have been out to photograph and record in high def live Metal bands

My video blog on YouTube can be viewed here: Sometimes I have interviews with bands and local "personality's"