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40 yo
Czech Republic

registered on February 4, 2012

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My style : METAL (Avant-Garde, Experimental, Progressive, Post, Jazz, Alternative, Psychedelic, Stoner, Heavy, Power, Thrash, Black)

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Favorite bands :
Black Sabbath - Anathema - Astral Doors - Death - Wuthering Heights - Asphyx - Limbonic Art - ...And Oceans - Junius - Solefald - Ulver - Manes - Vintersorg - Diablo Swing Orchestra - In The Woods... - Edge Of Sanity - Hypocrisy - Iced Earth - Emperor - Sólstafir ...
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Favorite video games : Metal Gear Solid, Football Manager, GTA, PES, Burnout, Sillent Hill, Tennis, Golf, Tony Hawk's, Gran Turismo, SSX, Final Fantasy

Favorite movies : Kurosawa, Ang Lee, Eastwood, Fincher, Coppola, Lang, Tornatore, Chan-wook Park, Cameron, Scorsese, Forman, Tarantino, ....

Favorite artists : Tägtgren, K. Rygg, A. Hedlund, Townsend, Ihsahn, Swanö, J. A. Blomberg, Hestnæs, Simmons, N. P. Johansson, ....

Favorite writers : Asimov, Baudelair, Blatný, Bondy, Borges, Bradbury, Bukowski, Burgess, Camus, Cave, Crichton, Eco, Ginsberg, Hrabě, Jirous, ....

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