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Firstname : Floran
Name : Guillou
registered on October 16, 2009
last connection on November 12, 2015

Website :
Occupation : Commercial
My passions : Metal, basse, concerts, écriture, paysages naturels (finlandais en particulier)...
My style : Dark, Doom, Post-Rock, Death Mélo Scandinave, Black Doom, Pagan, Black Québécois, Indus' et tout ce qui est mélancolique!

kumelia favorite bands :
Katatonia - Moonspell - Norther - Deathstars - Ghost Brigade - Before the Dawn - Insomnium - Totalselfhatred - Mirrorthrone - Pain - Black Sun Aeon - Gris - October Falls - Eluveitie - Static-X - Jenx - Blinded Colony - Draugnim - Ikuinen Kaamos - Khors ...
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Favorite video games : The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed, GTA, Alan Wake
Favorite movies : La Ligne Verte, Malcolm (la série), Scrubs, Flashpoint, Je suis une Légende
Favorite artists : Tuomas Saukkonen, Johan Ericson, Jonas P. Renkse, Anders Nyström, Jari Lindholm
Favorite writers : Patrick Graham, Dmitry Glukhovsky

Marks distribution of the reviewer

0 - 4.9mauvais 22 (5%)
5 - 5.9moyen 49 (11%)
6 - 6.9bon 122 (27%)
7 - 7.9très bon 131 (30%)
8 - 8.9excellent 100 (23%)
9 - 9.4culte 16 (4%)
9.5 - 10parfait 4 (1%)

Average : 7/10


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Cast : Damned
Points : 31208
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End of Aeon Doom Metal 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon Doom Metal 01/07/2014
Devil You Know Metalcore 28/04/2014
Lessen Hardcore 28/04/2014
Being As An Ocean Hardcore 15/04/2014
Décembre Noir Doom Metal 28/03/2014
Aephanemer Melodic Death Metal 03/03/2014
The Isolation Process Rock Metal 02/01/2014
Eudaimony Ambiant/Atmo 09/12/2013
We Lost the Sea Ambiant/Atmo 04/11/2013
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In the Absence of Light The Man-Eating Tree 11/03/2015
.5 : The Gray Chapter Slipknot 11/03/2015
Night Falls Onto the Fronts... Khors 11/03/2015
Nocturnes - Live at the... Rainshadow 11/02/2015
Ghosts of Great Enterprise Rainshadow 20/01/2015
The Quaternion Against the Plagues 04/01/2015
Raven Kings Engel 22/10/2014
Compassion Forlorn Helevorn 07/09/2014
Too Late & Path End of Aeon 01/07/2014
Ever End of Aeon 01/07/2014
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Le retour de l'excellence. Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours Khors 20/04/2015
Ghosts? Ghosts of Great Enterprise Rainshadow 11/02/2015
Retour en force! At War With Reality At The Gates 04/01/2015
Renaissance par le feu! Raven Kings Engel 22/10/2014
On la sentait venir... Compassion Forlorn Helevorn 21/09/2014
Je Suis L'Helvète Origins Eluveitie 17/08/2014
Nouvel album? Vraiment? Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate 28/06/2014
Retour aux sources? The Perfect Cult Deathstars 17/06/2014
No name New Haven The Chant 26/05/2014
No name How We Both Wondrously Perish Being As An Ocean 20/05/2014
Je ne suis pas fou... Tekeli-Li The Great Old Ones 06/05/2014
Superstars? The Beauty of Destruction Devil You Know 30/04/2014
Brutal!!! The Necrotic Manifesto Aborted 22/04/2014
Varions les plaisirs! Shadows of the Dying Sun Insomnium 14/04/2014
Neo-Metal Gothique? Broken Crown Halo Lacuna Coil 26/03/2014
Poids lourd? As the Stars Woods of Desolation 19/03/2014
Death Mélodique Instrumental! Know Thyself Aephanemer 11/03/2014
Chartbreakers! Goliath Butcher Babies 25/02/2014
Carte de visite? Days of the Fallen Sun Junius 16/02/2014
Bravo Lyynk! Drift Jenx 05/02/2014
No name The Isolation Process The Isolation Process 06/01/2014
I am what I am! Ghost Empire Caliban 02/01/2014
Futile? Futile Eudaimony 10/12/2013
Post-Death Metal? Make your Own For Many Reasons 09/12/2013
Sommes-nous seuls? Beyond the Self Fractal Gates 18/11/2013
La claque de la fin d'année! To Sail Black Waters Secrets of the Sky 12/11/2013
No name Paŭstań Wartha 06/11/2013
Arctic Experimental Metal Kingdom Oceanwake 04/11/2013
Du fun! Season of Withering Dead End Finland 16/10/2013
Pour fans de The Man-Eating... Inside Cold Lands 16/10/2013
Le futur de l'Electro-Metal? Les 12 Vertiges HerrSchaft 06/10/2013
La croisée des mondes! Human Light Leakage Slatsher 04/10/2013
Verdict? Something in us Died Lodz 01/10/2013
Frères du Nord! The Prediction Fferyllt 25/09/2013
Le Doom-Death a de l'avenir! I was a Soldier Hanging Garden 24/09/2013
Douceur de l'Äme À L’Âme Enflammée, L’Äme Constellée Gris 08/09/2013
No name No Retreat Stozhar 06/08/2013
Alcypnie ou Agrylcest? The Elk Thränenkind 29/07/2013
The Maze! Immanence Checkmate 09/07/2013
Un peu de Post-Rock? Ocean Rift Seas of Years 26/06/2013
The Gangnam Code! Cause and Neglect Psy:Code 03/06/2013
Yes, We Die! Post Mortem Nihil Est Dagoba 02/06/2013
Above them! Origin Enshine 31/05/2013
Ink Ink In the Guise of Men 15/05/2013
Bestial! Circle Amorphis 22/04/2013
Between Remus and Romulus! Between Melted Space 18/04/2013
Hommage! Put them to Fire and Sword Assacrentis 11/04/2013
Super Heroes? Seeds Dawn of Justice 11/04/2013
Faut que ça groove! Idiot Factory Red Eleven 08/04/2013
Katatool? Cornerstone This Misery Garden 04/04/2013
Liechtenstein speaks! Der letzte Weg Dark Salvation 01/04/2013
Empire! Bridges Empire Drowns 24/03/2013
Vous avez dit épique? Echoes of Battle Caladan Brood 18/03/2013
New Wave of Folk Metal? Scream from the East Niburta 10/03/2013
Bizarre? Cold Years Rainshadow 08/03/2013
Les Chants du Nord The Plague of a Coming Age October Falls 13/02/2013
A la croisée des genres... Repercussions Minutian 05/02/2013
Whisper of the Dead Vom Seelensterben Totengeflüster 04/02/2013
Vers l'infini... Beyond Omnium Gatherum 25/01/2013
Le renouveau du Doom... At Every Door Hanging Garden 14/01/2013
Aeon? Sons of Aeon Sons of Aeon 09/01/2013
Kraken, éveilles-toi! Unleash the Kraken Pangora 03/01/2013
Du lourd! Dreamland Drowning My Reflection 25/12/2012
Me? You Emergency Gate 24/12/2012
A découvrir d'urgence! In Memory Of To Cast A Shadow 14/12/2012
La marche du colosse... Saturn in Ascension Saturnus 12/11/2012
Sacré Lars! Shunya Wallachia 09/11/2012
On l'avait pas vue venir... Concealed Silence Red Moon Architect 24/10/2012
Finland Power! Stain of Disgrace Dead End Finland 18/10/2012
Fear? A Fear Formidable Anger Cell 15/10/2012
The Beginning. Waters Imperium Rainshadow 12/10/2012
The End. End Songs Rainshadow 07/10/2012
Le top du Doom-Death! A Frail Becoming Daylight Dies 25/09/2012
Véritable baffe! Vanitas Anaal Nathrakh 21/09/2012
The Code. Eyes World Shut Code for Silence 20/09/2012
Multi-styles! Nothin' But Death Lykaion 11/09/2012
Melodic Death Metal from... For My Pain Saint of Disgrace 10/09/2012
Les couloirs du temps! Time Manetheren 07/09/2012
Back in time? Wisdom of Centuries Khors 06/09/2012
Dark Rock ou Gothique Metal? My Deliverance Myrah 05/09/2012
Machine? God is an Automaton Sybreed 04/09/2012
Les grandes plaines... The Threnody of Triumph Winterfylleth 27/08/2012
Les Rois de leur univers! Dead End Kings Katatonia 22/08/2012
La baffe! Stuck on this Feeling of Feeling Nothing Red Eleven 10/08/2012
The Modern Way! Fragile Scarm 09/08/2012
David contre Goliath? Goliath The Voldera Cult 07/08/2012
Beast Within! All Alone To Cast A Shadow 05/08/2012
The Crow. Conquering Death Kråke 30/07/2012
Nouveau départ? Arrival of the Red Sun Zonaria 27/07/2012
Voyage Astral! Skylight AtomA 27/07/2012
This is the place of... A Healing Place The Chant 19/07/2012
Between fire and ice! Earth Blood Magic Kontinuum 19/07/2012
Du sang sur le dancefloor! Démo 2012 Dancefloor Disaster 12/07/2012
Rock? Metal Sympho? Non, Rock... Bios Cadmium 06/06/2012
Symphonies of the Great... The End Of Flesh Divine Morghash 04/06/2012
From Melbourne to Göteborg! Of Breath and Bone Be'lakor 28/05/2012
The Hell of War! Where the Corpses Sink Forever Carach Angren 16/05/2012
No name Blood of Saints Engel 13/05/2012
Feu-Kay Ton Kaze A Failing Devotion A Failing Devotion 10/05/2012
Alpha et Oméga! Alpha Noir Moonspell 07/05/2012
Pavé! Barren Towards Darkness 01/05/2012
Retour aux sources? Tragic Idol Paradise Lost 30/04/2012
Tel un phoenix qui renaît de... Rise of the Phoenix Before the Dawn 29/04/2012
L'attente a du bon! Enuma Elish Jenx 27/04/2012
Le pouvoir des Sens The Sense of Space Fading Waves 24/04/2012
Que la magie opère... Weather Systems Anathema 23/04/2012
Infinite! Infinite Kept Inside 23/04/2012
A la croisée des genres... And then Emptiness Lodz 21/04/2012
Cthulhu Fhtagn! Al Azif The Great Old Ones 09/04/2012
Surprise! Engrenage Sin And Death 07/04/2012
Coup de pied au cul! The Forthcoming Darkness Helioss 03/04/2012
Un véritable charnier... Le Chantre du Charnier Alienante Damnation 01/04/2012
Post... In Via Frames 31/03/2012
Peu à peu, un univers se... Au Bord de la Nuit Skurl 28/03/2012
Lâchez les loups! Wolves Dust-Theority 27/03/2012
Ils sont forts ces allemands! Herz Henke 26/03/2012
Par delà les sentiers... A Godlike Inferno Ancient VVisdom 23/03/2012
Du bon Death Mélodique à... Near Death Experience Darkness by Oath 21/03/2012
Blast over the lagoon! Decadence Nothnegal 21/03/2012
Mais que font les labels?! In Harmonic Entropy Karnak Seti 19/03/2012
Un nouveau départ. Lizard Dusk Tracedawn 19/03/2012
Doom bas de gamme! Eyes Unfolded Terhen 12/03/2012
Eternel recommencement. Eternal Turn of the Wheel Drudkh 18/02/2012
Le Code? Karmacode Lacuna Coil 15/02/2012
Efficacité maximale. Comalies Lacuna Coil 14/02/2012
Memories... Unleashed Memories Lacuna Coil 13/02/2012
Aux pays des rêves! In A Reverie Lacuna Coil 13/02/2012
The American Process Shallow Life Lacuna Coil 10/02/2012
Et un petit coup... Dark Adrenaline Lacuna Coil 08/02/2012
Une promesse au goût amer... The Promise of Hell Soulfallen 07/02/2012
The Giant. Emerald Forest and the Blackbird Swallow the Sun 02/02/2012
Mécanique bien huilée! Gazole SyStr 31/01/2012
La Classe! The Mind Cave Winterburst 27/01/2012
From Marionette With Love! Nerve Marionette 16/01/2012
L'ersatz. Quecksilber Stahlmann 15/01/2012
Reborn! Pipedreams EP Pipedreams 15/01/2012
Terre des Ours Terra Ursorum Dukhi-Predkov 09/01/2012
Vous avez dit bizarre? Burn Brightly Alone Cadaverous Condition 07/01/2012
Le voyage commence ici. Solarchitect Nojia 07/01/2012
Apocalyptic Visions of the... Stories of Another Age Requiem Eternam 27/12/2011
Hellyeah! It Was Written in Blood Detoxed 18/12/2011
A table! Tonight We Dine in Hell Down from the Sky 14/12/2011
Attention futur grand! Absence of Light Xerosun 05/12/2011
Douces et sombres émotions... Harvest The Man-Eating Tree 01/12/2011
Confort ibérique! Cold Comfort Painted Black 26/11/2011
En partance pour la Lune... Kuu... Kauan 25/11/2011
Darkness prevails... Sleep of Reason The Eternal 21/11/2011
Enfin la consécration! Dark Oceans We Cry Draconian 18/11/2011
Promotion infructueuse. Frozen Features Draconian 18/11/2011
Enfin une réaction! The Closed Eyes of Paradise Draconian 16/11/2011
Dur! In Glorious Victory Draconian 16/11/2011
Old-School! Shades of a Lost Moon Draconian 16/11/2011
Doom-Death Mélodique de... Fallout Slumber 28/10/2011
Au pays des Songes... Aava tuulen maa Kauan 27/10/2011
Et une larme de plus! One for Sorrow Insomnium 27/10/2011
Melting-Pop. Reports From the Threshold of Death Junius 15/10/2011
Et un de plus pour Saukkonen! Blacklight Deliverance Black Sun Aeon 14/10/2011
SBT! Independent Process Sort By Title 14/10/2011
Was ist Kraut-Metal? Aufschrei Die Vorboten 14/10/2011
Belle Russie... Ночь оденет тебе свой венец Artania 13/10/2011
??? Tales of Wanderings Old Silver Key 30/09/2011
Le début d'un règne. Bloodthrone Minushuman 23/09/2011
Voyage au cœur des astres! Funerals from the Astral Sphere Midnight Odyssey 18/09/2011
Forgotten what? Forgotten... Words to End Forgotten Tears 11/09/2011
No Greater Single! No Greater Sorrow Draconian 04/09/2011
Spleen finlandais. Artifacts & Entities Seith 28/08/2011
Metal from Finland! Alas Seith 27/08/2011
Brigade de la Mort. Until Fear No Longer Defines Us Ghost Brigade 26/08/2011
Tuerie! A Rose for the Apocalypse Draconian 26/08/2011
Et les saisons passent... Turning Season Within Draconian 22/08/2011
Cadeau... Empoisonné? The Burning Halo Draconian 21/08/2011
Draconian, l'avenir du Doom? Arcane Rain Fell Draconian 20/08/2011
Débuts timides! Where Lovers Mourn Draconian 19/08/2011
Premier effort encourageant! The Sombre Light Of Isolation The Eternal 19/08/2011
Sacré Marius! From Below The Fall of Every Season 17/08/2011
Virage à 180°! Inside the Different Synthetic Waterfall 12/08/2011
Universum? Nightrage? Scar... Mortuus Machina Universum 10/08/2011
La classe! Neglected's Motif The Fall of Every Season 09/08/2011
No name Her Withering Petals The Fall of Every Season 09/08/2011
Lorsque beauté rime avec... Tietäjän Laulu Kauan 08/08/2011
Lumière! Lumikuuro Kauan 08/08/2011
Play it fuckin' loud! The Conscious Sedation System Divide 02/08/2011
Point de non-retour. Circadian Rhythm Thurisaz 31/07/2011
Retour aux sources The Hymn Of A Broken Man Times Of Grace 30/07/2011
Débuts prometteurs pour... Scent of a Dream Thurisaz 14/07/2011
Des couilles mon cher John! John Stone Lives Dysfunctional 05/07/2011
Noël avent l'heure! The Desolate Enthrope 05/07/2011
No name Caduceus Chalice Moon (Australia) 03/07/2011
No name Mortualia 2011 Mortualia 25/06/2011
A New Era. The Cimmerian Years Thurisaz 24/06/2011
L'épitaphe. Last Curtain Call Theatre Of Tragedy 02/06/2011
Dark, so Dark... The Dragon Age Crowned with Black 31/05/2011
Sur les races de... Terres de Sang Catuvolcus 29/05/2011
Quelle claque! New World Shadows Omnium Gatherum 15/05/2011
La vallée des ruines. Valleys of the Earth Aerial Ruin 14/05/2011
Dark Death Mélodique... Lost Souls Rain of Acid 09/05/2011
Au commencement de la gloire! The Beginning Of Times Amorphis 25/04/2011
Die... And die. I Die, Therefore I Am Morito Ergo Sum 20/04/2011
Norther se régénère. Circle Regenerated Norther 17/04/2011
Vous avez dit bizarre? Go Now and Live We are the Ocean 17/04/2011
Routa! Pimeys RoutaSielu 02/04/2011
Une nouvelle ère commence... TEOTWAWKI Hanging Garden 18/03/2011
To corrupt our souls! Corrupt to the Core Grendel 18/03/2011
Un jardin suspendu au-dessus... Inherit the Eden Hanging Garden 12/03/2011
Sons of... Promo 2011 Sons of Aeon 11/03/2011
Quand le monde expire... World Expiration Soulfallen 09/03/2011
Merci la Finlande! Grave New World Soulfallen 08/03/2011
SuidakrArkadius! Book of Dowth Suidakra 08/03/2011
Le matin ne vînt jamais... The Morning Never Came Swallow the Sun 26/02/2011
Silence, all around... Silenced Earth Enthrope 21/02/2011
Le fils prodige de Summoning... Frozen Blood Dead Crown 17/02/2011
Qui veut s'en prendre plein... Wage Slavery Emergency Bloodshed 14/02/2011
Une ballade sévère! Tales of Ordinary Violence Emergency Bloodshed 14/02/2011
Une quête bien moins futile... The Futile Quest for Immortality Anachronaeon 14/02/2011
A la croisée des influences! In this Life, or the Next Ommatidia 13/02/2011
Another Dark Star! Deathstar Rising Before the Dawn 13/02/2011
Les premiers pas de la... Universe Mute Enthrope 12/02/2011
No name Démo 2010 Cadmium 11/02/2011
Un album fantôme qu'il vaut... The Ghost Before the Dawn 29/01/2011
Merci Internet! Tomorrow's Dead Days Enthrope 22/01/2011
L'abysse appelle l'abysse! Abyss Masterpiece Heavenwood 22/01/2011
Seuls face au monde! In Solitude Shear 16/01/2011
Australia! Leto Destinatus Universum 08/01/2011
Finnish Metal from Germany! From the Desolate Inside Leviathan (GER) 02/01/2011
Finlande, pays du Metal! The Wounded Ones Sole Remedy 29/12/2010
MyGrain Power! Orbit Dance MyGrain 28/12/2010
Sentenced est mort, vive The... Vine The Man-Eating Tree 28/12/2010
Retour gagnant! Return To Abandoned Khors 23/12/2010
Dark... In Darkness Comes Beauty Dark The Suns 20/12/2010
Darkness Ô my Darkness... The Dead End Dark The Suns 18/12/2010
Black Confessions! Confessions Helioss 05/12/2010
Songs from the Middle-Earth! Horizons Low Draugnim 02/12/2010
Une injection de riffs! Demo 2010 Chaos Injected 01/12/2010
Et le soleil s'assombrit... Sleepwalking in a Nightmare Dark The Suns 28/11/2010
Death Mélodique futuriste... Signs of Existence MyGrain 12/11/2010
Melodeath Power! A Change Through Destruction Grendel 12/11/2010
Stahlmann? Ou Rammstein? Stahlmann Stahlmann 07/11/2010
Mais qu'est-il arrivé à Sole... Apoptosis Sole Remedy 06/11/2010
Absolute Threnody! Threnody Engel 01/11/2010
Cyber-Metal raffiné! Almost Human Logical Terror 31/10/2010
Tuerie absolue! Absolute Design Engel 24/10/2010
Khors au commencement... The Flame of Eternity's Decline / Cold Khors 24/10/2010
Candyman, hooooo Candyman! The H.o.o.k. K.i.l.l.e.r Deadstar 21/10/2010
Rise of the Hero! Our Vagrant Throne Dawn of the Hero 20/10/2010
Une baisse de régime? Un... Love and Other Disasters Sonic Syndicate 17/10/2010
Premier album de Pipedreams When the Souls Escape Pipedreams 16/10/2010
Death Mélodique teuton! The Gothenburg Post Scriptum Another Perfect Day 10/10/2010
Du Metalcore pur jus sauce... Until Your Last Breath Coldsight 09/10/2010
Doom over the world! Dead Words Speak Doom:VS 06/10/2010
Adieu pour l'éternité... Aeternum Vale Doom:VS 26/09/2010
Doom:VS ou Draconian? Empire Of The Fallen Doom:VS 25/09/2010
Watersun, pas Wintersun! Mind 2 Zero Watersun 19/09/2010
Darkness, Ô My Darkness... 4:17 AM Before the Dawn 19/09/2010
Premier album d'Helevorn! Fragments Helevorn 11/09/2010
The rise of a french dream... Dawn of Dream Nibirus 10/09/2010
Irish Strike Force! Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind Enemy Logic 09/09/2010
Boucherie Metalcoresque! In These Rusted Veins Widow Sunday 07/09/2010
Du lourd, du très lourd! Songs for the Withering Rapture 01/09/2010
Un écho disgracieux... The Great Fleet of Echoes Throes of Dawn 22/08/2010
Futile or not to be? Futile Rapture 20/08/2010
La nature, encore la... Der Schrei Der Natur Anhedonia 19/08/2010
Ablaze... The Quietude Plains Ablaze In Hatred 19/08/2010
Doom + Finlande = Qualité! Deceptive Awareness Ablaze In Hatred 17/08/2010
Second opus des BSC! Autopsy of a Monster Bomb Scare Crew 16/08/2010
Rapture, ou la perle cachée... Silent Stage Rapture 03/08/2010
Avant-gardisme, quand tu nous... Faceless Phenomena Whirling 01/08/2010
De grands espoirs... High Hopes In Low Places End of Green 26/07/2010
Du Doom Gothique Magistral! Forthcoming Displeasures Helevorn 22/07/2010
Arkanan le rompt-nuque! Circle Arkanan 22/07/2010
Сталинград! Cherno Kypck 18/07/2010
Quand la noirceur du Black se... Twilight of a Lost Soul Inhuman Hate 17/07/2010
In pale light I wander on,... Below the Ever Setting Sun Grey Waters 15/07/2010
Lorsque le Dark Metal... A New Constellation Nahemah 09/07/2010
Avale ce pavé! Plague of Butterflies Swallow the Sun 03/07/2010
Before the Dawn au... My Darkness Before the Dawn 26/06/2010
Doom this! Ghosts of Loss Swallow the Sun 24/06/2010
We Rule the Same Album! We Rule the Night Sonic Syndicate 23/06/2010
Premier album prometteur... In the halls of awaiting Insomnium 14/06/2010
Les débuts d'Insomnium... Underneath the Moonlit Waves Insomnium 14/06/2010
Insomnium revient à la... Since the day it all came down Insomnium 13/06/2010
Dur de passer après... Lost to the Living Daylight Dies 13/06/2010
Un pavé du Doom-Death... Dismantling Devotion Daylight Dies 12/06/2010
Second opus ultra-concluant! Stone's Reach Be'lakor 12/06/2010
Old Corpse Road au top! The Bones of this Land are not Speechless Old Corpse Road 07/06/2010
Cradle of Tales! The Echoes of Tales Once Told Old Corpse Road 03/06/2010
Quand l'esprit divague au gré... Tuoni October Falls 24/05/2010
Du Death-Mélo' alternatif à... Beginning the End of Everything Ammonal 23/05/2010
Melodic Death Metal from... The Frail Tide Be'lakor 15/05/2010
Grandiose! Il Etait Une Forêt Gris 14/05/2010
Où le Pagan côtoie le... Taliesin Taliesin 14/05/2010
Emia est dans la place! Run to Live Emia 02/05/2010
Sarastus en grossière copie... Sarastus October Falls 26/04/2010
Dame Nature sous ses plus... The Streams of the End October Falls 25/04/2010
Un vent frais soufflait... Eternal Winds Graveworm 24/04/2010
314 Project: Pur Fucking... Deceive the Crooks 314 Project 24/04/2010
Voyage au coeur des contrées... Cold Khors 22/04/2010
Petite perle païenne! Mysticism Khors 20/04/2010
Un vent glacial souffle sur... Routa Black Sun Aeon 19/04/2010
Le Metal finlandais au top de... Curse Of The Red River Barren Earth 19/04/2010
Quand Townsend rencontre... HyperDump HyperDump 10/04/2010
Le prochain sera le bon! All Ends in Silence Dark The Suns 09/04/2010
Un nouvel EP à se mettre sous... The Longest Year Katatonia 05/04/2010
Before the Dawn s'impose! Deadlight Before the Dawn 03/04/2010
Before the Dawn en perte... Decade of Darkness Before the Dawn 03/04/2010
Aesirs, futur représentant du... Drown in Silence Aesirs 30/03/2010
Du Death-Mélo original, ça... The Shadow's Trail Nemost 27/03/2010
Attention: futur Grand! Bipolarity Saw 25/03/2010
Nos Âmes te saluent! Le Salut de nos Âmes Skurl 22/03/2010
Death Mélodique suédois... The Nemesis Construct Emergency Gate 19/03/2010
Un enfer comme celui-ci, on... Hell in Town Hell in Town 17/03/2010
Ils sont forts ces grecs! A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies Scar of the Sun 15/03/2010
Fait pas si chaud en... Eternal Throne Battle Dagorath 13/03/2010
C'est ce qui s'appelle un... Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 13/03/2010
Vous avez dit bizarre? Out of Time Crudy 10/03/2010
No name Vuoroveri Saattue 01/03/2010
Disarmonia Mundi toujours... The Isolation Game Disarmonia Mundi 28/02/2010
Tolkien une nouvelle fois mis... Dead Crown Dead Crown 28/02/2010
Dur de passer après Unusual! Fuseless Jenx 23/02/2010
I Was Never There... The Darkness Dawn Of Solace 22/02/2010
Premier EP gagnant! Unusual Jenx 21/02/2010
Night Sweet Night... Night Eternal Moonspell 18/02/2010
La réponse française du... Autumn A Lost Fear 14/02/2010
Bienvenue dans les sombres... The Polarity Axiom Alghazanth 11/02/2010
Le talent a parlé... Spirit Eluveitie 11/02/2010
La provoc', toujours la... Exit Through Fear Society 1 10/02/2010
La machine de guerre est... The Collapse System Divide 09/02/2010
Première démo époustouflante... Winterburst Winterburst 07/02/2010
Débuts prometteurs pour les... Rising of the Aeon Synthetic Waterfall 05/02/2010
Quand la success-story de... Buried, Dead and Done Walking With Strangers 30/01/2010
Du bon Thrash Death efficace! Holy Murder Masquerade Impious 29/01/2010
Un EP proche de la... Closure Ikuinen Kaamos 26/01/2010
Le vaillant prince Peter,... Nothing Remains the Same Pain 22/01/2010
Black Mélancolique et... The Forlorn Ikuinen Kaamos 20/01/2010
Ils sont fous ces québécois! Sabacthany Ghoulunatics 19/01/2010
Mieux que Guided By Fire? Ils... Isolation Songs Ghost Brigade 16/01/2010
Children Of Bodom a du souci... Spiritual Angel Kälter 13/01/2010
Death-mélo suédois tout ce... Central Tunnel 8 Cipher System 05/01/2010
Moonspell fait ce qu'il veut,... Sin Pecado Moonspell 02/01/2010
Quand la sombre abîme a un... The Great Cold Distance Katatonia 01/01/2010
Toujours plus sombre... Darkness And Hope Moonspell 31/12/2009
No name Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia 29/12/2009
Katatonia au sommetde son... Viva Emptiness Katatonia 29/12/2009
No name My Twin Katatonia 29/12/2009
L'album posthume Kadavreski Anthemon 28/12/2009
Attention, puissant! Under A Killing Moon Akuma 25/12/2009
No name Deliberation Katatonia 24/12/2009
Un Maxi culte! July Katatonia 24/12/2009
Dur de passer après Midian...... Bitter Suites to Succubi Cradle Of Filth 24/12/2009
Ils sont forts ces finlandais... Hope Swallow the Sun 22/12/2009
Attention: tuerie! 12Ablaze The Elysian Fields 21/12/2009
C'est l'hiver! The Stars Are Dead Now ColdWorld 21/12/2009
Il ne fait pas chaud en... Lichtschleier Vinterriket 20/12/2009
Premier DVD pour Static-X Cannibal Killers Live Static-X 19/12/2009
Les leaders du doom... New Moon Swallow the Sun 18/12/2009
Quand la Suisse devient... Customized Warfare Mumakil 17/12/2009
No name Letum Melencolia Estatica 17/12/2009
Si In Flames n'existait pas,... Til Death Do Us Apart Degradead 16/12/2009
Et un autre poids lourd du... Apology Om Mani 16/12/2009
Le grand Amon Amarth en... Twilight of the Thunder God Amon Amarth 15/12/2009
Quand Moonspell joue du... Hermeticum Daemonarch 15/12/2009
No name Into The Lungs Of Hell God Dethroned 09/12/2009
Quand la crème du Metal... One-Way Mirror One-Way Mirror 09/12/2009
L'Espagne et son Metal... Red Shift Asgaroth 07/12/2009
Quand Fredrik Andersson... Dead Harvest This Ending 06/12/2009
No name Kartika The Eternal 04/12/2009
Quand le Metalcore devient... Isolation Carpathian 03/12/2009
No name Mahakali Jarboe 03/12/2009
Autumnblaze is back! Perdition Diaries Autumnblaze 02/12/2009
Inactive Messiah ou Septic... Be My Drug Inactive Messiah 24/11/2009
No name Above the weeping world Insomnium 22/11/2009
Apocalypse futuriste selon... Rex Mundi X-Ile Ensoph 21/11/2009
Rois du Metalcore amerloque! The March Unearth 18/11/2009
Un petit air de Pink Floyd... Gaia Tiamat 18/11/2009
Révolution pour Tiamat. Wildhoney Tiamat 18/11/2009
Quand Peter Tägtgren se remet... A Taste of Extreme Divinity Hypocrisy 17/11/2009
Sonic Syndicate en live. Live Inhuman Sonic Syndicate 17/11/2009
PRODUIT PRODUIT PRODUIT...... Only Inhuman Sonic Syndicate 17/11/2009
Les grandes heures du Death... Eden Fire Sonic Syndicate 17/11/2009
No name Machine Static-X 17/11/2009
No name Shadow Zone Static-X 17/11/2009
No name Start A War Static-X 17/11/2009
Psalms Of A Success Story! Psalms of Extinction Pain 17/11/2009
No name Cynic Paradise Pain 17/11/2009
Trop n'est jamais assez! Dancing With the Dead Pain 17/11/2009
Dans l'ombre de Rammstein... Monster Oomph! 16/11/2009
D'une influence à une... The Redshift Omnium Gatherum 16/11/2009
All-star band du death-mélo... Descent into Chaos Nightrage 16/11/2009
Black Metal insurrectionnel... Ad Nauseam Monarque 16/11/2009
No name Between Elation and Despair Longing For Dawn 16/11/2009
Suicide sous acides ou... Erotik Lifelover 16/11/2009
No name The Flame Of Eternity's Decline Khors 16/11/2009
No name Engraved In Black Graveworm 16/11/2009
No name Children Of The Dark Waters Eternal Tears Of Sorrow 16/11/2009
No name Vega Janvs 16/11/2009
Quand les suédois... Empty World Svarti Loghin 16/11/2009
Aux limites du Metal... Amesoeurs Amesoeurs 16/11/2009
No name N Norther 16/11/2009
No name Till Death Unites Us Norther 16/11/2009
No name Death Unlimited Norther 16/11/2009
Autopsie d'une tuerie... Mirror of Madness Norther 16/11/2009
No name Dreams of Endless War Norther 16/11/2009
No name Spite Marionette 16/11/2009
No name Release The Fury Dagoba 15/11/2009
Sonorités automnales... Autumn Aurora Drudkh 15/11/2009
Quand la fine fleur du metal... Our Twilight Barren Earth 15/11/2009
Quand Moonsorrow rencontre... Northwind's Ire Draugnim 15/11/2009
Dialogue shamanique au coeur... Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga Wardruna 14/11/2009
No name The Blue Novembre 14/11/2009
No name Doutrine Of False Martyr Abominattion 14/11/2009
Eluveitie en live. Live At Metalcamp 2008 Eluveitie 14/11/2009
No name Sounds Of Decay Katatonia 13/11/2009
No name Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival Katatonia 13/11/2009
Nouvel album, nouveau son! Discouraged Ones Katatonia 13/11/2009
No name Tonight's Decision Katatonia 13/11/2009
Des étoiles dans la nuit... Night Electric Night Deathstars 13/11/2009
Death In Vogue! Termination Bliss Deathstars 13/11/2009
Deathstars au commencement. Synthetic Generation Deathstars 13/11/2009
Du riff et de l'hydromel! The Avenger Amon Amarth 11/11/2009
Epopées vikings! The Crusher Amon Amarth 11/11/2009
Death-mélo à la sauce... Liberation = Termination Mors Principium Est 11/11/2009
No name Under The Moonspell Moonspell 11/11/2009
No name The War On The Wailing Wall Arallu 10/11/2009
Darkness... Darkness Walks Beside Me Black Sun Aeon 10/11/2009
Katatonia en live! Live Consternation Katatonia 10/11/2009
No name Brave Murder Day Katatonia 10/11/2009
Les débuts de Katatonia Dance Of December Souls Katatonia 10/11/2009
Contamination hypocrite! Virus Hypocrisy 10/11/2009
Premier EP prometteur... Last Prey EP Last Prey 08/11/2009
Toujours plus noir, toujours... Night Is the New Day Katatonia 06/11/2009
Et le Metalcore subsiste... Say Hello To Tragedy Caliban 02/11/2009
Moonspell en live! Lusitanian Metal Moonspell 02/11/2009
Nouvelle ôde à la Nature Marras October Falls 02/11/2009
L'Homme et la Nature... The Womb of Primordial Nature October Falls 02/11/2009
Rencontre du Troisième Type Altered State Of Consciousness Fractal Gates 01/11/2009
Feed off the melancholy, get... Across the Dark Insomnium 30/10/2009
The darkness is finally... Soundscape of Silence Before the Dawn 26/10/2009
No name Enemies Marionette 26/10/2009
No name Thrène Sui Caedere 18/10/2009
No name Tracedawn Tracedawn 17/10/2009
No name Guided By Fire Ghost Brigade 17/10/2009
No name Gangrene Mirrorthrone 17/10/2009
No name Carriers Of Dust Mirrorthrone 17/10/2009
No name Of Wind And Weeping Mirrorthrone 17/10/2009
No name Totalselfhatred Totalselfhatred 16/10/2009
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Hord, Lodz, An Ocean of Void Bordeaux 16/12/2013
Lessen, An Ocean of Void,... Le Haillan 16/12/2013
7 Weeks, Salinger's Trip,... Pessac 13/09/2013
Moonspell, Insomnium, Mad... Cognac 22/04/2013
Gravity, Walrus Resist,... Bordeaux 04/03/2013
Blaze of Sorrow, Assacrentis,... Bordeaux 29/01/2013
An Ocean of Void, Live Fast,... Bordeaux 29/01/2013
Appollonia, An Ocean of Void Tarbes 07/01/2013
An Ocean of Void, Anomalyst Bordeaux 03/01/2013
The Great Old Ones,... Pessac 01/12/2012
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Moonspell Limoges 21/04/2013
Paradise lost Ramonville 08/05/2012
Enslaved Poitiers 06/03/2012
Tides From Nebula Bordeaux 01/12/2011
Amorphis Tournefeuille 26/11/2011
Betraying the Martyrs Bordeaux 13/11/2011
Hellfest 2011 Clisson 24/07/2011
Murderdolls Bordeaux 29/01/2011
Halloween Invasion II Bordeaux 07/11/2010
Dark Funeral Limoges 22/03/2010
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Le Royal Pessac 01/12/2012
Le Fiacre Bordeaux 29/07/2012
Les Lectures Aléatoires Bordeaux 01/12/2011
Black Room Bordeaux 11/11/2011
Le Bascala Bruguières 30/10/2011
El Chicho Bordeaux 15/10/2011
CAMJI Niort 09/12/2009
Salle des Fêtes de Bidache Bidache 17/11/2009
Café Music Mont-de-Marsan 15/11/2009
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Katatonia: nouveau DVD pour... Katatonia 15/08/2014
Helevorn: un trailer pour... Helevorn 15/08/2014
Benighted: départs du... Benighted 26/06/2014
Mnemic: la fin? Mnemic 26/06/2014
Le dernier clip de The Chant! The Chant 10/06/2014
Sonic Syndicate: nouveau clip Sonic Syndicate 10/06/2014
Nouvel extrait pour... Deathstars 06/06/2014
Anathema: Distant Satellites... Anathema 05/06/2014
Benighted: nouveau clip Benighted 05/06/2014
Anathema: premier extrait de... Anathema 03/06/2014
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The Sombre Light Of Isolation 19/08/2011
Renewal 12/08/2011
Deathstar Rising 05/02/2011
Tomorrow's Dead Days 23/01/2011
Silenced Earth 23/01/2011
Moon Chains Descent 23/01/2011
Universe Mute 23/01/2011
The Nibiruan 13/11/2010
Absolute Design 24/10/2010
Our Vagrant Throne 18/10/2010
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Engel 30/10/2014
Sonic Syndicate 28/06/2014
Sonic Syndicate 28/06/2014
Aborted 22/04/2014
Aborted 22/04/2014
Insomnium 14/04/2014
Insomnium 14/04/2014
Butcher Babies 07/04/2014
Butcher Babies 07/04/2014
Miasmal 20/03/2014
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The Man-Eating Tree In the Absence of Light 11/03/2015
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter 11/03/2015
Khors Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours 11/03/2015
Rainshadow Nocturnes - Live at the Evelyn 11/02/2015
Rainshadow Ghosts of Great Enterprise 20/01/2015
Against the Plagues The Quaternion 04/01/2015
Engel Raven Kings 22/10/2014
Helevorn Compassion Forlorn 07/09/2014
End of Aeon Too Late & Path 01/07/2014
End of Aeon Ever 01/07/2014
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Jari Lindholm SE 17/06/2013
Pasi Pasanen FI 19/03/2012
Kai Hahto FI 01/02/2012
Aleksi Munter FI 01/02/2012
Matti Honkonen FI 01/02/2012
Markus Jämsen FI 01/02/2012
Juha Raivio FI 01/02/2012
Lisa Johansson SE 19/08/2011
Jerry Torstensson SE 19/08/2011
Fredrik Johansson SE 19/08/2011
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Kaunis Kuolematon - Kylmä... groupe autre Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon -... autre clip Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - Kylmä... groupe autre Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon -... autre clip Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - Varjo clip officiel Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - Aamu autre clip Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - En Ole... autre clip Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - Itsestään... autre clip Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Kaunis Kuolematon - En Ole... clip officiel Kaunis Kuolematon 01/07/2014
Devil You Know - Shut It Down... live Devil You Know 30/04/2014
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Eudaimony eudaimony2.jpg Eudaimony 09/12/2013
Eudaimony eudaimony1.jpg Eudaimony 09/12/2013
Eudaimony eudaimony.jpg Eudaimony 09/12/2013
MaX herrschaft8.jpg HerrSchaft 06/10/2013
BzD herrschaft7.jpg HerrSchaft 06/10/2013
Zoé H. herrschaft6.jpg HerrSchaft 06/10/2013
Psy:Code psy_code6.jpg Psy:Code 03/06/2013
Psy:Code psy_code5.jpg Psy:Code 03/06/2013
Psy:Code psy_code4.jpg Psy:Code 03/06/2013
Psy:Code psy_code3.jpg Psy:Code 03/06/2013
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Dani Filth, leader du groupe... Cradle of Filth 09/05/2012
Le premier album de Times of... Times Of Grace 30/07/2011
Dawn Of Solace a été créé... Dawn Of Solace 11/09/2010
Suite à une infection des... Katatonia 16/01/2010
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M-Tronic 23/01/2014
Version Studio Records 02/01/2014
MisandreProductions 30/08/2013
Pelagic Records 08/05/2013
Soulcarver Media 08/04/2013
Le Crépuscule du Soir... 09/03/2013
Moonlight Gate Productions 09/03/2013
Temple of Torturous 13/09/2012
Fear Dark Records 10/09/2012
Tunerail 03/09/2012
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