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Korpiklaani - Spirit of The Forest (2003) lyrics

Korpiklaani - Spirit of The Forest
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Release date : 2003
Genre : Folk Metal

1. Wooden Pints (03:42)listen firstlistenlisten
2. Before the Morning Sun (04:24)
3. God of Wind (03:14)
4. With Trees (08:06)epic !epic !
5. Pellonpekko (03:35)
6. You Looked Into My Eyes (02:14)listen first
7. Hullunhumppa (01:29)
8. Man Can Go Even Through the Grey Stone (02:22)
9. Pixies Dance (02:19)epic !epic !
10. Juokse Sinä Humma (Keep on Running, You My Horse) (01:11)
11. Crows Bring the Spring (05:25)
12. Hengettömiltä Hengiltä (From the Dead People's Spirit) (00:34)
13. Shaman Drum (04:57)epic !epic !
14. Mother Earth (04:35)
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Lyrics for the album Spirit of The Forest by Korpiklaani

1. Wooden Pints

There's men, underground
Who have never seen the sun
But they really know how to party
Little men from underground
Who have never seen the sun
But the really know how to party

The rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing
And they fight and dance 'till the morning

Tables full, reindeer meat
And the camp fire shines and the brick walls are full candles
Tables full, wooden pints
They don't care about their sins
They just wanna get drunk and party


Long war is now past
Only good men have lasted
They need women, meat, beer and rom
Fight battle full of blood no thoughts about god they just slaughtered killed and tormented


2. Before The Morning Sun

Down, in the forest path
When the night comes closer
Air's full of magic
When, elfgirls dancing
Dancing in the circle
I watch them from the bushes
Down, in the forest path
When night comes closer
When the sun goes down
Once, once again
I will try to sleep
Before the morning sun

3. God Of Wind

Let me tell you a story
Story of a man
Who wants to be a god
God of the wind
He dressed to brown
Brown leather clothes
He used a bone mace
And ate mushrooms
He lived in the woods
There trees are huge
Only friends were trolls
Who were all the time drunk
He saw nightmare
There big bad bear
Ran behind him
And shouted these words:

If you want to be a god of wind
You have to beat me
If you want to be a god of wind
You must take my skin
If you want to be a god of wind
You must use my nails
If you want to be a god of wind
You must be like me, must be like bear

4. With Trees

Far, far away, where the birch wouldn't grow
Far, far away and where the wind freezes your face
There you won't be alone

I would rather fly with eagles, to the snow hills
I would rather run with wolves, between the trees
I would rather be with trees, than in the middle of noisy streets

So far away, My mind flies to the moon
Far, far away, I can see what happens soon
And what's most important

5. Pellonpekko

6. You Looked Into My Eyes

We are here alone
Only the camp fire
Shines on your face
I touched your hand
But you disappeared
As the smoke the air

You looked into my eyes
You have me hypnotized
And I do what you want to

We are here alone
Only the moon
And wolves are with us
Fire swallowed
You and your hair were ablazed
But you still laughed loud
I'm alone again
And old pine tree
Asked me, where's your woman?
I said: Shut up
Or I make of you another


7. Hullunhumppa

8. Man Can Go Even Through The Grey Stone

Man can go through the grey stone
Man can go through the great stone
Man can go, man can go

Men's got to do what men's got to do
Men's got to do what men's got to do
Men's got to do, men's go to do

You can do what you wanna do
You can do what you wanna do
You can do, you can do

9. Pixies Dance

10. Juokse Sina Humma

11. Crows Bring The Spring

End of the Winter
End of the coldness
End of the day
Crows come to this forest
Flies through this woods
Over the dark water
Where ice will die soon
Winter surrenders finally
Spring rises it's wings
Unleash sun's burning flames
Bring warmth with crows
Reveals stones from the snow
You can see the snow
On the mountain tops
And brook's to the sea
Soon sun rises over the hills

Endless sky, burning red
Purple clouds touch the top of the mountain
And in the wind, I hear those crows
They will bring the spring
And take the cold away

12. Hengittömiltä Hengiltä (From The Dead People's Spirit)

Virui vanha tainnoksissa
Noidan vita tehdessansä
Sielun tietä etsimässä
Tuolta tuonelan metsästä
Hengettömiltä hengiltä
Katkerina katselleilta
Kalman kylmitä hengiltä
Takaisin tupihinsa
Synnyin sydämmihinsa

[English version:]

[From the dead people's spirit]

There was old knocked
When tried make witches root
Looking for souls way
on there somewhere in the wood
From the dead people spirit
they looked angry
It will kill on cold
back to home
Bornt on hearts.

13. Shaman Drum

I've wandered with the folk of the woods
Wisdom I've learned from the oldest one
He said: "do not fear me"
And led me to downwards
I saw big aperture in the ground
When he asked me a question
"Do you know what is this hole in the ground,
Do you know the meaning of this?

I wondered and wondered
'Cause I knew
If I won't know the answer
I'd never get a shaman drum
And personal ability
I wondered and wondered
'Cause I knew
If I won't know the answer
I'd never get a magic drum and personal ability

Oh yes, this is the place, where you've get
Your spirit to your voice
We stepped through into the earth
And we walked to the river of witches
The river flows two ways I saw
And the old man had a uestion
"You see the water flowing both ways
To the south and north
Do you know why, do you know why?"


Then I saw old grey wolf, it came to me
And whispered to my ear:
"The northern flow born from the water which dead has been bathed and the southeren flow born from the water which washed a new-born child"

Old man looked at me and the wolf he said:
"Now you have a leader and the truth.
When we go back home, you'll have your drum of your own
And you'll know how to use it:"

14. Mother Earth

Spirit of The Forest - Metalship

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