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Ithilien - Endless Horizons (2011) lyrics

Ithilien - Endless Horizons
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Release date : October 31, 2011
Genre : Pagan/Folk

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Lyrics for the album Endless Horizons by Ithilien

1. Endless Horizons

Far away from here, there's a land
Made of coldness and whiteness
It is a place like heaven, that men
Tried to reach with eagerness

That place is my only chance
My only chance of redemption
The only way for me
To bring back peace inside my heart

My heart that is ripped appart
Torn, burnt and changed into dust
Filled with distress and sadness
And making appearing my weaknesses

I feel the coldness embracing my skin
As the blistering cold is piercing my chest

Through age and time I ride
Toward endless horizons

Endless Horizons - Metalship

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