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Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me (2002) lyrics

Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me
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Release date : April 30, 2002
Genre : Metalcore Technique

1. More of Myself to Kill (6.50)listen first
2. Arsonist (4.52)
3. Aspirations (5.47)
4. What We Have Become (5.09)
5. Fire for a Dry Mouth (6.07)
6. Naked by the Computer (5.36)listen first
7. Use of a Weapon (4.53)
8. Shevanel Cut a Flip (9.27)
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Lyrics for the album Between The Buried And Me by Between The Buried And Me

1. More Of Myself To Kill

You have all wept once more... why? I would never ask
for such. Go.
I have realized for once in my existence my true
happiness. This is a first time for me... I feel
innocent, caring, and non-threatening.
Reincarnation for a better life... becoming one with
true harmony. No gods have caressed or burned me, only
nature is willing to comfort me.
Salvation is dead and all of you have passed away with
me today. I will never have to entertain or please any
of you ever again. I am alive.
My memory is the only thing keeping the old tears in
my eyes.
I still know that all of you are taking for the sake
of not leaving. You are killing the innocent for your
so-called nutrition. You are infecting our lands with
your filth. You are killing for the sake of your
promotions in life.
One day we will all be in this soil... with no gods to
slave to, and no heroes to kill for.

2. Arsonist

Compassion no more, the angel sleeps in her blood.
Guilt will ruin... you rest no more.
I will always watch... until the last church is burned,
until the guilty drown in blood, until your preachers
of filth cease to be. Everyday I hope...I hope that your
end will bring a better day.
Fuck your god, your god of shit. Our sin will send the
death we wish upon you. For the families you've
broken, for the lies you have ruined, we burn the last
of you down.
"Now you will receive us. We do not ask for your poor,
or for your hungry. We don't want your tired and sick.
It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will
be sought by us. With every breath we shall hunt them
down everyday. We will spill their blood till it
bleeds down from the sky." Now you will receive us,
receive the arsonist.

3. Aspirations

Untried and untested,
One fits nowhere but here in anonymity.
There is no birthright - no innate guidance.
No direction or destination is handed down.
Shackles are the one thing free for all.

Dead ends and dead lives abound here,
and failure obscures all but the immediate.
Sweet dreams fall from reach here;
fade from existence - fade from sight.
They merge with the black in decay and neglect.

The surroundings here are sparse and desolate,
and life here is grief,
but the path leading here is short and simple-
it is so like these aspirations.

Better ways and better times are bitter memories.
Lost lives live here without inspiration or desire.
Here is the lowest of places,
but do not despair.

4. What We Have Become

Is this justifiable, this is life we lead. Blind
stares at what we call humanity.
So afraid to face what has already become of us. The
dark cloud passed lifetimes ago. The "saints" drink
the blood of their own. Your pathetic prayers mean
nothing for...
Our mother is already dead. She tried her best but the
dirt choked her. We raped her, and laughed as we
fucked her last chance of survival.
I sleep on her tears. They keep me awake. I fear that
closing my eyes might end me. But what am I? I'm just
a worthless member of a twisted language.
We all speak this twisted language. Is this
We have raped her, and we are pleasured from this.
Thinking this progress... progress stopped lifetimes
ago. We are raping with this life we lead. Everything
is all right. Lies-the twisted language we all

5. Fire For A Dry Mouth

Your piss is going sour... my mouth is full for the last time.
Don't think I don't read the gossip, don't think I
don't know what's coming out of your fucking mouth.
You're broken, and I'm laughing, you're broken-go
drink your life away. Go fuck your life away with your
filthy std's and your fucking night of rape.
Just go jerk off on your fucking stomach, impregnate
yourself. You're born again, just like you've always
been. Every fucking year... this year you abort
yourself-get the fuck out of my life.
Never come back, I don't ever need you around. What we
shared means shit to you. Laugh at me all you want,
but I'm living what you once wanted. And I'm happy...
happy to be alive with real friend who don't spit in my face.
Real friends don't end friendship with change. It's
really hard to realize that you've stooped so low.
I've given chances, I've tried to mend... but it's all
over now, I move on.
I piss in your mouth now, so don't ever talk to me again.
Tonight I will sleep well. Tonight I realize that I
will move on. Tonight I hope your bed catches flame.
Tonight I kill your fucking face.
I killed your face.

6. Naked By The Computer

Those fists won't reach where she lays tonight. Your
little star in the sky just fell. For every minute she
spent in your heaven, was just a minute more in her hell.
Away from this world is her place in this world. Where
the sun's rising doesn't bring with it pain.
You have lost her now... she has forgotten you now.
Her nightmares and secrets washed away. The past won't
escape with your tears forever encased in hollowed out
soul. And that day when the smoke finally clears... your
dark, empty life will be the only one you know. This
picture of her, dead in your arms, will hang from the
nail that she drove through your heart. Your little
star in the sky just fell.

7. Use Of A Weapon

In your city built with concrete and lies. We have
slaved away so lifeless. With every breath a
compromise. So sickened by your process and our pain.
Plague by the fear of a tomorrow, another day in vein,
we can throw all this away. Trading our sorrow for
sin. We can throw all this away.
For too long we have starred. For too long we have
fucking stayed so blind to every instinct as you paved
the way. So tomorrow we will take back every year you
stole from us, and every night silently desperate and
hopeless. Every dream never realized, and every tear
shed from these eyes.
We will sin and you will suffer. We will set fire to
your machines.
We will put life back into hearts and you will suffer.
We will run life through our veins and you will suffer.
Passion will be found in time, and your world will
fall behind us. Under your dark polluted skies, we may
live as the damned.
But our essence and soul and freedom will unfold. And
only in death shall we see the end.
For as long as the light of the sun still dances
across every sea. We will know there is something to
live and die for, and we will know every breath to be

8. Shevanel Cut A Flip

Dream of me... we can live how we want now... this world
has no boundaries. We shall never wake up. Lets kill
them all, let's torch the world. This is for us. Let's
meet them for the first time... this isn't awkward is
it? It can't be... there are no worries... all we have to
do is cut the switch... wake the fuck up... this is all
I've ever dreamed... this dream is all I've ever wanted,
cared for, I only hope things haven't changed when I
awake... life doesn't work like this... once a night my
life is "yours to create"... mold me and make me the
child of the night, with all the ambition in the
world... my hate and worries cease to be... my fucked up
little head controls me... "dream is destiny"... wake the
fuck up... I kill, I love, I end nightmares, I begin
romances, I travel through sexual situations, I only
hope to never wake... I only hope, cause the exterior
world is not making sense anymore... I tend to get
scared... wake the fuck up... no... "Whatever you do, don't
be bored. This is absolutely the most exciting time we
could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are
just starting"... make this dream reality... love you... "If
the world that we are forced to accept is false and
nothing is true, then everything is possible"... make
this dream reality...

Between The Buried And Me - Metalship

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