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Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls (2008) lyrics

Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls
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Release date : April 7, 2008
Genre : Gothique Metal Rock

1. Dickhead! (4:56)
2. Say Good-Bye (4:03)listen first
3. GothiX Girls (3:54)epic !epic !
4. Pulse (0:24)
5. Kristen A.I.D.S. (4:54)listen first
6. Afterlife (4:55)
7. Our Story (3:42)
8. Mar, no te vayas (4:40)listen first
9. The Lovers (4:00)
10. Larmes et Roses (4:23)
11. My Girl (She loves her) (4:26)
12. Gasoline (4:07)
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Lyrics for the album Tales For Bad Girls by Forever Slave

1. Dickhead!

That story cross the threshold.
The scenes go back to my mind.
He inspires respect.
In that town.
He's a priest and she's his wife.
Me, a poor girl who lives in their house.
I clean their home and warm his bed up.
Leave me alone.
Don't get my skin dirty.
Let me go
I won't talk to anyone.
I feel hate when he touches me
Only I'm sixteen...
He's stealing my life.
He sits down near me,
While his wife is watching TV.
When her glance is far away,
He plays with his hand under my skirt.

It's my truth.
It's my chance.
The end of a nightmare.
Take a car now.
Park it near his home.
Two shoots and fire in their house.

2. Say Good-Bye

From your dark side to the eternity
There's only a way
And it's close to you
Choose your cards
And play your aces
It's not a guessing game.

Say goodbye,
When your bones become dust
And your soul doesn't find a reason for lust.

Say goodbye,
When your body's plenty of bugs
And you know what is the meaning of distrust.
From the other side to our absurdities
"From your dark side to our absurdities
There's only a word
I'm not near you"
Try Understanding
Why you never said to her
You lost this guessing game.
Now I watch the life from my tomb
You sometimes, cry on my grave.
Keep on pretending that is all right
my life is destroyed again.

From your dark side to the eternity
There's only a way
And it's close to you
Choose your cards
And play your aces
It's not a guessing game.

3. Gothic Girls

You understand it
You know my secrets
Come on, Come on
An email burns my soul
We wanna cross the line
You cast a spell on me
Our passion's on-line.

"You come, get undressed
Your silence leads me on
You're trying to control my mind
Do you want to be my teacher?"

Don't stop!!

"You undress my body while I
Lick your secrets
We're killing our loveliness,
We need to feel alive"

Turn on your web cam
I feel you're hot
I see you are so hard
I need your passion now
You never stop!
Tonight, we were two lovers searching sex
Tonight, you'll be all for me I need you in me.

"My baby, touch my body.
Kiss my lips... you never stop!
I'm so hot, I can't control... Fuck me!

Tomorrow, we will have to forget
That was OK, our contract's at an end
Last night didn't exist
Come on, Come on

4. Pulse


5. Kristen A.I.D.S.

The breeze of her freedom
(She loved by mistake)
Kissing her dreams
He took her wisdom
She loved him in the afterlife
And he took her life
She loved by mistake, and now she must die.

Kristin AIDS, in a bed spends her time
Kristin's eyes swallow her last sweet tears
Nobody cares her ( in her sorrow )
Alone, she cries ( in the dark )
Kristin AIDS, she dreamt of escaping

She felt her life
She loved by mistake,
and now she must die
She lost her friends
She loved by mistake,
and now she must die

The things she lost in a dream
which left her, alone
She loved by mistake,
and now she must die
In her funeral. Only two girls asked:
who was she? Nobody knew the answer.
Don't try to find her

6. Afterlife

No more blame,
if everyday promises died again.
No more prays,

if everyday our game's the same.
I need your warm close to me
I wanna dream to night as well
Should we have chosen, once again,
another final?
You need my hand close to you.
You wanna listen my silence again.
Should we have chosen our losing dreams
or another fantasy?

Oh oh ooh ooh oh oh
Waiting the time of our end.

Don't miss my words,
if daylight is getting close.
Don't take my love,
if everyday you must go

Don't miss the voice
We will be close
Don't be ashamed
or we will be lost

7. Our Story

Do you need to be yourself?
Don't you want to understand it?
Did you round your story out
by yourself?
At Night the phone rings ( I listened )
a sweet voice whispers his name
His face changes and he goes out
he follows a dream
While I'm on my own

And I expected to go on

Our Story
I remember it in my dreams
(I'm a dreamer)
I missed someone
There was no one
I can't understand it

At school I seek your glance
(I get it)
Without you the world is different
I thought about a new life
or my suicide
There's no solution

8. Mar, No Te Vayas

The end of a song.
You want to make ( your last effort )
Leaves fall off
you go for that street,
Without knowing your way.

Before she dies,
she gave a box
with her last kiss.
He lost his dreams
he would keep it.
He wanted that kiss

Mar, come back to me I can't live
it doesn't make sense
Mar, I wrote something
for you our last night
before you die
Mar, I want to die
I can't live
I miss your voice

You feel alone,
you are strong,
but there's nothing wrong.
They don't understand
you wear dark clothes
or die for her.
He feels so empty
when he looks at her grave
The rain blurs his tears.
She was so far from him
There were many things
that he never said to her
He opened the box
and she gave her last kiss.

Mar, come back to me I can't live
it doesn't make sense
Mar, I wrote something
for you our last night
before you die
Mar, no te vayas
vuelve conmigo
Te pido que no te vayas
Mar, vuelve a mi
quiero morir
Lloré en su tumba

9. The Lovers

In 1817, a courting couple
by the sea.
He promised her
he would return.
While the time won the battle.
His lips caressed her skin,
when tomorrow
they'll say good bye.
She closed her sweet eyes,
but he wasn't there.
n 1817, that sea,
which united us,
separated us.

In 1870, an old woman
cried at the beach.
She was waiting
for that sea,
returned her lover
once again.
The children shouted crazy
at her.
She wore a wedding dress,
when she threw herself
into the water.

The legend tells that night,
people saw two lovers
dancing at the sea between
foam and coral

10. Larmes Et Roses

Je vivais par toi
Mes jours, mes nuits,
rien que pour toi
Quand tu étais là
Ma vie s'est illuminée
Mais tu m'as transpercée
Tu m'as oubliée.
Mon Coeur est brisé

Je ne sais plus quol faire
Je ne suis plus qu'une ombre
Enfermée dans ma peur,
Je ne suis plus qu'une ombre
Je suis noyée dans ma peur
ma peur du lendemain
Ces eaux sont si sombres
Je suis noyée dans ma peur,
ma peur de I'ncertain
Ces eaux sont si sombres
Je ne peux plus rester là,
je dois trouver un chemin...

Je croyais en toi
J'aurais pu mourir
dans tes bras
Quand tu étais là
Tes mots,
ta voix me rassuraint
Tu disais m'aimer
et tu m'as blessèe
Tu disais m'aimer,
mon coeur s'est brisè

Aprés toutes ces larmes
Quelque chose
en moi s'est èteint
Et je sais plus
O√Ļ aller
Quelque chose
en moi s'est éteint
ne me laisse pas

11. My Girl (She Loves Her)

Summer is at an end
The sorrow was
in their hearts
Thousands of promises
When they were separated

Time is too slow
When you're not close to me
We'll never forget,
my love, that summer

My girl. You're my girl
Too late, it's too late
When I'll be able to look
at those eyes

I said, as we said
Too late, It's too late
I'm looking forward to
feeling your lips

I don't believe you
I want you to explain me
I need to know everything

I don't believe you
I want you to explain me
I need to know everything

I go for a walk
And I see her all the time
Some friends told me that
they saw her with a girl

We were two souls
And we loved each other
But you forgot your promises

12. Gasoline

Just she had a way,
when they found a dead-end.
Just they try to say,
when there is no way.

In you they can't trust,
when your advices were lies.
In things they can't touch,
keeping close till their death

Should they just forget,
keeping close till their farewell?
Should they feel the fear,
when their chance is far away?
Just they could give up
when the pressure came up

They burn, gasoline.
They cry, tragedy,
when their old heaven is dead
They feel, gasoline.
They trust...
Where's their heaven now?
Just see her eyes...
When their freedom died

Tales For Bad Girls - Metalship

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