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Opeth - The Candlelight Years (2008) lyrics

Opeth - The Candlelight Years
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Release date : June 28, 2008
Genre : Death Metal Progressif
Compilation/Best of
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There is a bonus track on each album. The following bonus tracks are:
Into the Frost of Winter - bonus track on "Orchid"
Eternal Soul Torture - bonus track on "Morningrise"
Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover) - bonus track on "My Arms, Your
Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden cover) - bonus track on "My Arms, Your Hearse"

Also released as a digipak.

A wooden box version with the band's logo and album details printed/burned on it
was released and is limited to 1000 copies. The first 200 copies of this edition
are coloured versions and contain an exclusive Opeth shirt.

1. Orchid (01:05)
2. Morningrise (01:06)
3. My Arms, Your Hearse (52:38)
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Lyrics for the album The Candlelight Years by Opeth

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The Candlelight Years - Metalship

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