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Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (2010) lyrics

Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
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Release date : September 21, 2010
Genre : Death Metal Progressif
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Three versions exist:
- Ltd ed. vinyl boxset including 2x DVD + 4x 180g LP concert's audio in its
entirety. The vinyl is housed in black poly lined inner sleeves which are
packaged as two double gatefold set with exclusive artwork. Vinyl only available
in this box set, exclusive, numbered, lithograph with artwork designed by Mikael
Akerfeldt and Travis Smith, 20 page, LP sized, booklet printed on coated paper
stock that chronicles the night's events in photos, expanded, exclusive, artwork
and more.
- 2x DVD + 3x CD
- 2x DVD

Produced and mixed by Jens Bogren. The bonus features consist of a 45mns "fan
questions" interview and 45mns documentary named "On Tour with Opeth".

Tracks 1-8 are the "Blackwater park" album in its entirety.

1. The Leper Affinity (11:01)
2. Bleak (09:41)
3. Harvest (07:02)
4. The Drapery Falls (10:31)
5. Dirge For November (08:55)
6. The Funeral Portrait (08:58)
7. Patterns In The Ivy (02:30)
8. Blackwater Park (12:40)
9. Forest Of October (18:01)
10. Advent (16:01)
11. April Ethereal (10:51)
12. The Moor (12:34)
13. Wreath (13:40)
14. Hope Leaves (07:12)
15. Harlequin Forest (14:01)
16. The Lotus Eater (11:59)
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Lyrics for the album In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall by Opeth

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