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Live report : Fear Factory

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo
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Photographer : Guillaume Catella

A few weeks after hosting the grindcore event with their prominent founders Napalm Death on the same stage, the Club Quattro welcomes tonight one of the godfathers of industrial metal, Fear Factory, accompanied by the ferocious polish guys of Decapitated.
The fame of Fear Factory might have deserved a larger place for this event, but on a Tuesday evening, gathering such a crowd (approximately 500 persons) is already a good thing.

I also meet Dino Cazares prior to the show for an interview, to get back to the debut and origin of Fear Factory, the unfortunate events that happened a few years ago and led to the split of the band, the evolution of his relation with his team-mate Burton Bell, and of course their last album The Industrialist. He also lists their future plans for the following years and the next album, and answers to some more private questions.


After a short electronic introduction, the Polish band gets on stage under the acclamations of the crowd, already warmed up, despite being the first band to play tonight. They defend their last album “Carnival is Forever”, released last year, with the largest part of the tracks played tonight (The Knife, Homo Sun, Pest, A View From A Hole, 404…).
Formed in 1996 by the guitarist and founder Vogg, the band has gathered a strong fan-base all over the world during these 16 years of activity, thanks to their sharp and innovative technical death metal sound.

Following a tragic accident in 2007 leading to the death of the drummer and younger brother of Vogg, Decapitated was disbanded for a few years, after which the actual members gathered for a second life. Rafal “Rasta”, the new singer, is recognizable with his very long dreadlocks, used to fiercely whip the air while headbanging. While he doesn’t really addresses the crowd between the songs, Rasta doesn’t lack charisma and prefers stimulating the metalheads with gestures rather than words.
Vogg, who is a formidable guitarist, demonstrates his technical abilities and doesn’t forget the performance. He, Vogg, and particularly the new bassist release an amazing and communicative energy on stage, for an extremely powerful performance. Very close to the well-known death metal Polish band Vader (having toured together and also exchanged a few members), Decapitated has recently gained “Paul” (Pawel Jaroszewicz), ex-Vader, as a drummer since 2011.
Few words are spoken, but the music speaks for them, and doesn’t need much more to transmit its brutality and fierceness.

Setlist of Decapitated :

1. The Knife
2. Pest
3. Mother War
4. Post Organic
5. Homo Sun
6. 404
7. A View From a Hole
8. Spheres of Madness
9. Day 69

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Fear Factory

After a long and difficult period for all the members of the band, Fear Factory was reunited in 2009, and reduced to a duo formed by the two founders. To remind you the story in short : Dino Cazares, one of the founders was supplanted by his colleague and singer Burton Bell, breaking up the band, which then re-gathered without Dino. The band parted ways a second time, then leading to two bands suing each other to keep the legal use of the name. From that battle, the two leaders Dino Cazares and Burton Bell emerged as the only official members for this new two-piece band, helped by Matt DeVries at the bass and Mike Heller playing the drums.

Fear Factory is then reduced to the two charismatic men on the bill, and are touring for their new-born “The Industrialist” released a few months ago, playing tonight a few tracks of this album and starting the show with the eponym “The Industrialist”. Fortunately for the lovers of the most ancient and renowned albums, Demanufacture and Obsolete will both be largely represented with 4 songs each.
Unfortunately, while all the other members play quite well tonight, Bell’s voice is completely broken, and is not only a disagreement, but a real pain for our ears, especially on his clear parts, and on the high-pitched parts. His growls are still ok, but he unfortunately has difficulties when speaking to the crowd between each song. A beautiful but difficult song like Descent is then disfigured. Apart of that, Fear Factory succeeds in reminding us the nostalgia of the amazing songs they created, and this particular sound that engendered a new genre. Dino’s syncopated guitar rhythms easily carry the crowd away, but the band lacks some energy. Surprisingly, the most energetic is certainly their new bassist.

Fear Factory would certainly have offered us a wonderful performance, but today was not their day. Bell’s voice was quite broken, Dino seemed tired (certainly by the jet lag, as the band arrived the previous day in Japan), and the venue was quite small for such an internationally acclaimed band. Overall, it unfortunately looked more like a dull copy of Fear Factory. While the crowd was still marveled at the band, I wish them (and us) to attend to another FF show in better conditions !

Setlist of Fear Factory :

The Industrialist
Fear Campaign
Acres of Skin
New Messiah
Self Bias Resistor
Zero Signal

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