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Interviews :: Interview with Gorgoroth

Interview with Gorgoroth

At the occasion of the release of the new Gorgoroth album, a few questions had to be asked.
Interview with Tormentor, the guitarist.

Metalship : Hail !
Gorgoroth made a lot of buzz these last times and particularly with this affair which definitively excluded King ov Hell and Gaahl from the band.
How the band achieved to such a clash? And what are the issues you got near the justice?

I believe that the decision made by the 2 ex-members had built itself up over time. There might have been a thousand reasons for what I care. The point is this: Thou shalt not stab original members in the back, conspiring with all sorts of numbskulls, with the aim to steal a black metal band. That is not good way to act.

Metalship : Pest was the singer on the first Gorgoroth’s albums. How happened this re-collaboration?

When Infernus decided to get new members in the band, I think he did a rather wise choice to call up mr Pest. First of all, because he’s the best vocalist for Gorgoroth and second, he’s a good fella. He can be trusted and he knows what Gorgoroth is all about, and how this band works. Pest quit the band back in ’97 and moved to the U.S. after a couple of years. We were all more or less in contact through these years. He did an outstanding job on the upcoming album plus that he still performs well live. The line up these days are good. With him on vocals, Tomas and Bøddel taking care of the rhythm sections and Infernus and me doing the guitars, we should have a fair chance of producing some pretty evil black metal.

Metalship : Do you realise that King and Gaahl were very charismatic members of Gorgoroth?
Aren’t you under the impression the band loose something precious?

Yeah, I realise that. But Gorgoroth has always worked a little bit different than other bands. There has been a great deal of line up changes, something that has brought a lot of new impulses, characters and creativity into the band. Infernus seem to cope with this aspect rather good. The two ex-members did a good job, worked hard in periods and made some ok metal, but they’re certainly not unexpendable. We don’t think the band lost anything precious. It’s a closed chapter, and a possibility for development. That’s the gospel of will.

Metalship : Gorgoroth also integrates a new drummer. What can you say about him?

Tomas is a brilliant drummer. Infernus was a big admirer of his playing style when he played in Dissection. Ideologically, he also fits 100% into the band. That’s essential. That’s why he offered him the drummer part in the band. He’s technically very competent indeed, but what is even more appreciated is his taste, when it comes to playing. A less-is-more attitude with no disposition to do a lot of unnecessary playing. Personally I like that a lot. I think the best drummers often got that philosophy, be it Fenriz or Charlie Watts.

Metalship : By earing your new album Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt, we can feel as a return to your roots, with a sound more heavy, a black and white artwork, etc. Do you agree with this?

I totally agree. It’s way closer to the early Gorgoroth productions (riffs, atmosphere, attitude) but a lot heavier. The production is different though, but it fits the compositions well. I’ve always found the artwork important, and the cover for the upcoming album is in that matter suitable for this product.

Metalship : After all these year, how do you still find the inspiration? What are your main influences outside music?

Inspiration is found everywhere all the time. For me, metal is very seldom inspiring these days. The last two years I’ve found two “new” bands inspiring: The Devil’s Blood and Vomitor. Astonishing bands indeed. The reason is that they do what aim to in such a brilliant way. Most of the inspiration comes from anything that moves me to a certain extent. Walking in the mountains, getting irritating about retards within the scene and outside, fishing for trout, reading a Cormac McCarthy book etc etc.

Metalship : What about the lyrics of this new album?

The lyrics suit the compositions perfectly. The main theme is as always the devil. Gorgoroth won’t move away from that.

Metalship : Gorgoroth have always been in favour of hatred, blasphemy and misanthropy. I must say I was surprised when I discovered the band was on Facebook…

It’s another way to spread the gospel of the devil, though. We don’t care whether it’s facebook or myspace or whatever. It works pretty well actually.

Metalship : Gorgoroth was here at the beginnings of Black Metal in Norway. How do you see nowadays Black Metal scene?

Personally I think there has been a handful of a good black metal band all the time. I’ve been into black metal a long time before the Norwegian wave of bands arrived. The things I appreciated in the early 90’s with the Norwegian bands was that it was a new way of expressing the devil’s music. It sounded fresh and powerful. The things I don’t appreciate are when bands try to recreate this now. 99% are doomed to fail, mainly because the wholeness of the Norwegian black metal music back then must be seen in context of what else there were. Todays black metal scene still – as mentioned earlier – got a handful of good bands. A very few from Norway though. Nationality doesn’t mean anything when it comes to this anyway. A lot of people irritate themselves about all the shitty bands around, which I can’t see any good reason for doing, even if I do it myself some times… The good thing about the scene today, is that it’s a much bigger variety, I think. Just listen to prima satanic bands like Portrait, Necros Christos, Morbosidad and The Devil’s Blood! Great bands with a distinct message.

Metalship : I can imagine you will give some concerts to make the world discover your new piece of hatred. Will you have another production like the one which appear on your DVD Black Mass Krakow? And how reacted the fans about this object? The last witness with Gaahl and King in live, with Gorgoroth

The Krakow DVD is almost the ultimate end of that era. There will be live activities in the future, yeah. We don’t have any plans about a new DVD right now, but perhaps in the future. Right now we’ll focus on the release of the new album, promote it as best we can through live activities and interviews like this, and then start working with new material for the next album.

Metalship : A last word ?

Biggest hails to the diehards, thank you for showing interest and support us through purchasing the new album!

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Creation : 1992
Genre : Black Metal
Origin : Norway

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