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Interviews :: Interview with Axenstar

Interview with Axenstar

One of the best melodic power metal bands out there, the amazing Axenstar took the time to talk to Metal Ship about their latest killer release Aftermath. Bassist Magnus talks about how Aftermath compares to previous Axenstar albums, what is the most important thing when writing a song for Aftermath and why he would love to appear onstage with the band Kamelot if he had the chance!

Metalship : What is your name and what do you play in Axenstar?

My name is Magnus Winterwild and I am the vocalist and bassist in the band Axenstar.

Metalship : When not playing with Axenstar, what do you like to do in your spare time?

When I'm not working on my regular job or playing in Axenstar I like to hang out with friends and just take it easy.

Metalship : What was your first experience of Metal?

I think it was when I got a cassette tape from my cousin on which he had recorded the album Metal Heart with Accept and from that moment on I was hooked!

Metalship : What was your first guitar you owned, and what guitar do you play now?

The first guitar I owned was a cheap black Aria guitar, it didn't sound that good but maybe it wasn't the guitar's fault haha, nowadays I play the bass in the band and I have an Ibanez bass which I'm very happy with.

Metalship : When and how did you and the guys in Axenstar meet?

The band was formed somewhere in 2000-2001 and the original line up met through mutual friends actually, but since then we have had multiple member changes and the current line up have been together a couple of years now.

Metalship : Did you always have the intention of playing Melodic Power Metal?

I guess that when you are younger you tend to try playing all kinds of music genres but in the end when speaking for myself I had the most passion and love for the more melodic metal.

Metalship : What would you say are the main lyrical themes present in Axenstar’s music?

I think it's quite hard to write good lyrics so I tend to write about all kinds of things but if I have to mention something I guess that there's a lot of “end of the world” themes and that kind of negative things, it's always easier than writing positive happy lyrics.

Metalship : How is your new album Aftermath different to previous Axenstar release?

It's darker and heavier than our previous albums, as always we have tried to widen the range of our songs so there is a bigger difference between the slow songs and the fast songs and I think we have succeeded better this time than on the previous albums.

Metalship : What do you think is the most important feature of an Axenstar song?

Melodies has always been the most important features in our songs and also we have always let the keyboards and the choirs play a rather big part at least in our choruses and I think that's the main signs of an Axenstar song.

Metalship : Was there any one main song writer on Aftermath, or was it a team effort?

On Aftermath I wrote most of the songs as well as all the lyrics but I hope that on the next album it will be more of an team effort as that I think will bring another dimension to the songs.

Metalship : What is your favourite song to play live and why?

It varies a lot, for the moment I think that Dogs of War is my favourite song because it is a hard and heavy song with a great chorus, I also think we play the song really well live.

Metalship : If you could be in a super group with you on bass who else would be in the band?

I would love to take the place as bassist in Kamelot because I think they are a great band!

Metalship : If you could go on tour with any 5 bands, which bands would they be and why?

Iron Maiden because they are the best live-band I have ever seen.

Metallica because they were my favourite band when growing up.

Nevermore because of their great playing and songwriting skills.

Kamelot see question 13!

Annihilator because it would be great to see Jeff Waters live.

Metalship : Thanks for the interview. Can you give out readers out there a brief summary of the new album entitled Aftermath?

If you buy our latest album Aftermath you will get 11 great songs of melodic metal that will only make you want more and more and more.....

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