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Interview with Enthrope

If I say that Finland is one of the best place for talented bands, who would dare contradict me?
So just to confirm this, here's a nice little interview with Mikko Mustonen, which is simply the Enthrope's drummer. It was a good opportunity to return with him on the release of the Tomorrow's Dead Days album, a real bomb-Melodic Death Dark.

Dear Metalshippers, I predict a bright future for this band!

Metalship : Hi Mikko!
You just release your debut album Tomorrow's Dead Days, but you’re not yet known in France. Can you come back to the beginnings of the band?

Well not actually just. The album TDD was released in Scandinavia aprox. one year ago but I belive and european release will follow soon. The single Moon Chains Descent is already released.. No dates haven’t yet been confirmed but it is coming though.
Enthrope has been a collective since the beginning of 2006. Our axe wielders Jani and Ville - who are long time friends and band mates – came up with an idea to form a band combining a bit more traditional death metal influences with strong ambient synth side. The idea was clearly in the beginning already to have a lot of dynamics in the music and have sides that would have a bit more variety to create a unique combination that would stick out from the typical music heard nowadays in the death metal genre. Hopefully we have somehow achieved this.

Metalship : Where does the name of Enthrope? What does it mean for you?

I came up with the name after a mile long list of different alternatives. Actually got the name from the song Entroper by Enslaved. The name then started to give a good theme to the songs and especially the lyrics. Entropy is a rather interesting theme that gives you a large spectrum of components for the lyrics.

Metalship : Could you present us Tomorrow’s Dead Days? How did you manage to sign with Supernova Records?

Well it was almost over a year after our previous release Silence the Earth and the situation was to make another promo/ep/demo or whatever. We already had the material for a full length album ready so we thought why not go all the way and just record them. During the recording process Johnny Hagel from Supernova Records contacted us about our situation. We had got a few contacts earlier from other labels with the Silence the Earth promo but nothing that suited us. Supernova Records liked our music quite a lot and offered an option that seemed very suitable for us.

Metalship : How did you see this album compared to your previous releases?

On this album we have material from the very beginning of Enthrope’s existence as Stars of Nhagrad is the first song we ever did. TDD actually gives the listener a very good sound what Enthrope is all about. The sound has of course evolved from the first release.

Metalship : I found Tomorrow’s Dead Days really refreshing, with a dark touch, heavy and melodic at the same time. It seems that Enthrope keeps an atmospheric approach, so how would you describe your sound?

I think there are different elements ranging from very heavy passages with aggressive approach combined with highly melodic and tender synth parts giving the music its distinctive dynamic range. We also try to include to very guitar driven parts also some variety in having diverse ambient elements and details mixed in to give it a bit more air to breath and maybe something that could be described in the end as an atmospheric and ambient approach. Hopefully the listener would have a bit similar liking to this kind of music, at least we as a band are totally into this kind of mixture of different genres…

Metalship : Let’s talk about Suvi Grym, who sing on 'The Desolate"and "End It All". Can you tell us the story of this collaboration? Is it a way in which one you’ll continue in the future?

I've known Suvi a couple of years, more like a friends friend. As I knew her history as a singer and the other guys cheked out her other bands (Vanguard, Deepsnake) we decided to offer her the job for those two songs. The reult can now be heard on the album.

Metalship : The final song, "Stars of Nhagrad", sums up your music by alternating brutal parts with other plans more ambient. However, you decided to shorten it from the Universe Mute’s version. Why this choice?

The EP version included also an outro which we thought would fit nicely to end the EP. A compact introduction for Enthrope starting with the intro track Universe Mute ending with the outro, and it served its place very good there. As for the album we didn't see any point including it there

Metalship : Many lyrics were written by Matti Reinola. Can you present him, and what are the main topics?

Matti is an old friend and bandmate (Grayscale) of our vocalist Miika. Matti had some extra lyrics up his sleeve and as Enthrope was in need he offered them for our use. Matti is nowadays better known for his band ShamRain and Hanging Garden.

Metalship : I read that Enthrope have record two covers last december…

That's right. We were offered a slot for a tribute release for the late Peter Steele. We decided to make a version of Wolf Moon which turned up pretty good. At the same time we recorded Presence of the Dead by Pestilence, a old time favorite of the band. Both songs is also available now on our just released The Desolate EP.

Metalship : Since the beginning, you trust to D-Studios and Jarno Hänninnen. Do you think this has allowed you to create the ‘Enthope’s sound’?

I don't quite remember why we started out with Jarno at D-Studio in the first place. Probably for the rather close location. But we have really catched a good sound during our visitations. Most of the soundscapes is mostly decided by Ville, Jani and Miika but I think Jarno has given his contribuiton evolvon the sound. As he's rather skillful what he's doing has defenityely have good ideas which have benefited Enthrope.

Metalship : Similarly, you always work with Kalle Pyythinen for the visual. Again, the result is really magnificent. How do you work with him?

Rather simple really. We give him the tracks to listen to and lyrics to read. We may have some small ideas for him to work on, but it is mostly his vision of the songs rather than ours. As on TDD we came up with the album name after we saw the final cover art. It is like passing the ball back and forth. Have worked great until now and probably we'll continue this relationship further more.

Metalship : According to your official website, you’ve currently no show scheduled. Do you have some plans for the future to support the Tomorrow’s Dead Days’s release?

Indeed we've been rather lazy getting ourselves upon the stages for some months. We've also rehearsed a live session guitarist also so that's also one point why Enthrope haven't seen lately live. We have some plans for autumn 2011 but we'll come later back to that when we have something to inform about the subject.

Metalship : How is Enthrope on stage?

Hmm... as I only sit behind my kit and stare at four arses dancing around I'd say rather energetic. Our bass player is a number of its own. I bet he sometimes dosen't even know where the audience is after a few quick spins during "Dead Sun Fragments".

Though we have our mellow parts it works nicely with th rough parts. As a whole, Enthrope works at the maximum as the music let us.

Metalship : If you had to share the stage with a French band, which would it be?

Damn, though one. I know a few bands but I think Alcest would suit us perfectly as a host. Though if we'd want something totally different I'd go with Arkhon Infaustus. Great black metal for my taste. Thouch I believe there is a lot of great bands with whom to share the stage with.

Metalship : You’re free to answer or not: what do Enthrope doing in everyday life?

Striving through the same gray days as the rest of the population. We ain't so much in contact outside the band so really haven't a clue what the guys are doing. Probably headbaning infront of the mirror thinking about the Wacken stage, who knows. :)[img news][/img]

Metalship : Your country is definitively a great cradle of talented bands! What bands would you recommend to us?

Haven't been so active in the finish scene lately so hard to come up with any particlar band. The new Omnium Gatherum was great, Il iked it. Then we have this ug death metal band Claws which had a rather big inpact on me. Worth checking out if you're into oldschool swedish death metal.

Metalship : As tradition dictates, I leave you the final words, and we hope to see you on stage...

Enthrope just released a new EP called The Desolate including one old, one new and two covers. Available from most Scandinavian web shops but also from spotify. Check it out and spread the word of Enthrope. Cheers!

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Creation : 2006
Genre : Gothic Metal
Origin : Finland

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