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Interviews :: Interview with Elvenking

Interview with Elvenking

Elvenking are poetry in motion. Their music has so much and depth of meaning without lacking the good old metal spirit and power! Their insane guitarist Aydan took the afternoon to answer my questions on their new album 'Red Silent Tides' and when we can be expecting these killer songs to hit stages all across the UK!

Metalship : Hiya chap!! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, like what hobbies you have; as well as playing your music in Elvenking? Introduce yourself to the nice people out there…

“Sure…I’m the guitarist and one of the main song writers in the band… I’m Aydan… But, I also consider myself as absolutely a normal guy who likes to do normal things too. Because I’m a songwriter, and it’s there where I put all the deepest side of myself and my emotions, people think I’m very different, but it isn’t so different! I consider that place as a place to relieve the hidden parts of myself, really!”

Metalship : Tell us about the other guys as well?

“OK, I pretty much founded the band, so there’s me. And, the other guys are Damna on vocals, Rafahel on the other guitar with me, Gorlan on bass, Lethien on violin. And, since January we are playing live with a new guy on drums!”

Metalship : Thanks… As a child what music did you grow up listening to?

“When I was a little kid, it was the end of the 80s; so, I remember cassettes from Madonna and Michael Jackson? But, then I fell into metal music pretty soon; at the age of 12 or 13, so there wasn’t so much of that afterwards. Ha! Ha!”

Metalship : What was your first experience of Metal?

“I think the very first memories are of stuff like Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” videos? I remember; I was waiting to see them again and again…. There was just something about them that was different to the other music that was around!”

”And the very first, real experience: well, the brother of one of my school friends was into metal, and both of us were fascinated by the covers of Maiden’s albums like “Killers” and “Live After Death”! He had the big vinyl versions with big covers. They were amazing for kids like us! Then there was this particular album, with this particular cover? It was Helloween’s “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II”? You know that one?”

“My friend’s brother didn’t want us to touch his records at all, but one afternoon after school, he was not at home, so we put the Helloween album on and… “Wow, that’s what I want to do!” That was the first thing I thought when “Eagle Fly Free” blasted out of the speakers!”

Metalship : How did you and the other guys in Elvenking meet up then?

“A former guitarist Jarpen and I founded the band back in 1997; we were long time friends, sharing the same passion for music. The first thing we needed (in order to form a band) was a good drummer who was able to play metal music and double bass. It was not easy to find such a guy in our little town…. But, once we got someone, we just went down the list! First, we needed someone who could really sing the songs we were writing? So we put an announcement in a local newspaper… Damna gave us a phone call asking for information…. And, the rest is history!”

Metalship : Apart from Elvenking are there any other bands you have played or done work for?

Yes, there have been a few, certainly before Elvenking. But, at the moment, I think it’s all about Elvenking. Everyone is into this band totally and prefers to do this 100%. I am working on some music for soundtracks, and when I have time, I have produced other young bands, helping them out, but we don’t have so much time for that right now!”

Metalship : What would you say are the main lyrical themes present in your music?

“I’d say ‘Romanticism’, ‘Passion’, and ‘Emotion’. I think these are definitely themes you can find in our lyrical poetry.”

Metalship : Your last album “Red Silent Tides” came out in 2010 but when did you start planning the album and when did it finish?

“That’s a hard question… We usually try to keep on song writing all the time, but I would say we basically focused on the real writing phase for “Red Silent Tides” from the summer of 2009 onwards, more or less. We worked on the songs until the March of 2010, then entered Piranha studios in Germany with producer Dennis Ward right after.”

Metalship : You have some pretty cool album covers. Who comes up with the ideas and designs the covers?

“Thanks!! Usually, I have a vision of the cover art in relation to the musical direction of the album first. I often focus on a colour. I pass my ideas to Damna and we discuss who would be the best artist to put the idea into reality. Explaining our ideas to the artist can be hard sometimes but we give them full reign to come up with different sketches and such like - I think that most of our cover artists probably hate us – but it’s just the way we are! I do not how many versions of “The Scythe” album cover Gyula Havancsak needed to do before we were satisfied? Ha! Ha!”

Metalship : Your music has lots of moments for the audience to sing along. How important is it for you to know the listener can sing along to the chorus live or at home?

“That’s a good question and it’s vital… Really important. Probably the most important thing, actually! All our songs are written around a good vocal melody. That’s the main thing; much more important than the guitar riffs. It’s always been important for us to build the melody first…It’s probably because someone complained about us being “real metal” or stupid things similar to that, and we’re definitely not! Ha! Ha!”

Metalship : Your music could be described as Power/folk metal. Was there any intention that this was the genre you wanted to play?

“Oh, I don’t know!! To be honest, I do not give a lot of importance over to how our music is described nowadays. Probably, when we were younger, we used to put more attention on it, but now we are too old for this! Ha! Ha!”

“I read and hear a lot of definitions about our music. I think it’s not really that easy to place it in a box; it’s just Elvenking. And that’s a good sign in my opinion. I read more than once that we play “romantic metal”, and I pretty much like that? Considering the literary side of what we do, with the poetic nature of the lyrics and stuff like that, it’s pretty apt!”

Metalship : What is your favourite song to play live and why?

“I’d say “The Winter Wake”, from the album of the same name. We use to close every show with it, and I have always had great memories of it when it’s been the closing track or been in the set… Killer track!”

Metalship : Can we be expecting a UK tour / visit any time soon? If so, when?

“We’ve played in the UK a couple of times; the last time was a festival in the Midlands; and we had a wonderful time there, so we will really try to come back again very soon! Hopefully, this Autumn! I’d really like to do that again!”

Metalship : If you could be in a ‘Super Group’ with you on your own instrument, who else would be in the band?

“Hell…!! Well, I think it would be Jorn Lande on vocals, me and Jeff Waters on guitar, Steve Harris on bass and Snowy Shaw on drums? Would be an awesome line up; apart from myself that is! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Metalship : If you could play on a bill with 5 other bands alive or dead. Who would be on the bill?

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nightwish, Helloween, and Children of Bodom. Not bad at all, eh??”

Metalship : Ok guy, thanks for your time. Can you give our readers a brief summary of your new album “Red Silent Tides” if they haven’t already checked it out?

“Thanks to you for the interview. I really hope your readers will give “Red Silent Tides” a listen. If you’re searching for emotion, passion and poetry in music, I think it has plenty and really delivers both sonically and lyrically!”

”We really hope to come back to the UK, bringing “Red Silent Tides” on to the stages there with us soon!”


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